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my blisspiration

In just about 3 weeks I will be headed to Nashville to attend the BlissDom Conference, baby in tow! OBrother and I are very excited about it. It will be 4 days of passion, tools, tips, and hugs. I cannot wait to be inspired and fueled up! I made a little video this morning in… Read more »


becoming myself

January 30, 2012: 174lbs – 13lbs lost! One month into choosing health with Medifast and I am down 13lbs. For a little reference, that is as much as I lost in all 3 months of my running and half marathon training. IT’S WORKING! IT’S WORKING!!! It is incredible to me what has really changed through… Read more »


OBoy the Contrarian

He had whined and demanded oatmeal the whole time we were getting dressed. I mostly ignored, reworded, and redirected. By the time we got downstairs I finally got a straight “May hab O-meal for brekist peeze?” out of him. (We’re working on manners and asking polite questions. I must say ” ‘I want’ is not… Read more »


something we don’t really talk about

I don’t remember what day it was, or even what month, but I do know it was sometime during the dark, cold winter of 2009. The snow and the ice heaped their weight on top of my already unbearable load of new motherhood. It got dark early, both outside and in my heart. The date… Read more »