decorate my second story for me, will you?

I thought that standing infront of a window would be enough light, but apparently I was wrong. So for the first 2 minutes I’m in the dark and you can barely see my face while talking to the camera (sorry about that). No worries though, the rest of the clip has good lighting.

{For all of the posts about our upstairs remodel, click here. For the other two video tours, click here first, then here.}

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Have any advice for me on clothing those naked walls?

What is your favorite decorating touch in your home?

16 Responses to “decorate my second story for me, will you?”

  1. ann @ my life as prose.

    love seeing the addition!! :)

    i think the boys’ room sounds great, the way you’re going to pull in the wall hangings in there and play off the theme you’ve already established.

    and i think that your bedroom is LOVELY with those beams! i would be cautious of doing too much on either side of your bed, and keeping the focal point too low … those dark beams draw the eyes up in a really nice way. i’m thinking you could flank the window with two somethings that are long. like a long print, or wrought iron wall art?

    and lastly, your kids are hysterical. loved seeing them in action :)

  2. Rebecca

    I’ve seen some beautiful tree decals on walls on pinterest that would look lovely on both side of your bed! You can add leaves and/or verses too about trees planted by still water, etc. :) Remodels/construction is a big under taking but so worth it in the end. I know we were so focused on the remodel I didn’t even think of decor until after it was done and then I was like, oh, yes, decorating!! hahaha

  3. ingrid

    I bought some old school lockers for my sons room and spray painted them fire engine red. They are my favorite piece in his room and they were cheap cheap cheap :)

  4. Becky

    Love the upstairs! Old houses are my favorite!! With all that you talked about for the boys room is sounds awesome. Some shadow boxes on the wall would look great as well. I think you should put a quote on one of the walls as well. I love the hallway, it has a lot of potential. Love the chair, a cute antique table or one even made to look old and worn would be great with them as well. The space is so large that you could even do something else on one side.

  5. Cole

    I have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for a tour of your upstairs – love it! Mommy & Daddy have the same IKEA bedroom set :)

    That hallway is just begging for low bookshelves down the length of it…

  6. ann

    Very cute, Allison! Thanks for sharing your addition.
    With the width and sloped ceiling in your long hallway, have you thought about building a combination of shelves and cabinets there? You have the perfect space for that and you can never have enough storage.

  7. Abby

    Super cute! You guys did a great job. I think some built in window seats under your windows in your bedroom would be great storage as well as cute places to sit & read or peak out the window. I also love the above comments suggesting a long book shelf in the hall way. You could do a combo desk/bookself on one end of the hallway for when the boys to sit and color or eventually do homework.

  8. katie

    various relatives always had a collage of photos going up the stairs — usually school photos, added to or swapped out as the kids aged. if your stairs are very narrow perhaps hanging something there isn’t a good idea, but it’s a thought.

    i’d be wary about putting something on the walls flanking your bed. you have such a nice airy feel there now, especially with the tall ceilings; too much down low (when you already have furniture at that level, thank you gravity) when combined with those sloped walls, would counteract that open feeling and make it seem really cramped instead.

    i really like the idea of a cozy chair or two with a lamp for a reading nook in your luxurious hallway. =) i also like your plans for statement art at the top of the stairs — my first thought was a mirror, but a cool painting or graphic words would do very nicely, too.

  9. Nicole

    Pictures, pictures, pictures. I have tons of pictures of my kids all over my walls, some people think all our pictures are too much but I enjoy them. We also do vinyl decals..they are fairly inexpensive, can be moved and peeled off no issues and you can change them up without leaving any damage to your walls!

    I think the addition looks great! I am envious of that bathroom, the vanity is amazing, and I need those heated floors!!

  10. Nicole Drysdale-Rickman

    Yay!! I have been anxiously awaiting this post!!!

    Your upstairs looks great! You all did so, so, so much work!! Decorating is not my strong suit, but just go with what you love! The rest of your house (in past videos) is so adorable and decorated so perfectly, I don’t think you will have a hard time at all.

    PS Those boys of yours make my heart happy…

  11. MomNom

    Some long white bookshelves would look nice in the hallway, with books, photos, etc. I like the idea of a collage of brother quotes over Michah’s bed. What about small photo collages on either side of your bed? As you can tell, I’m a photo freak. It looks beautiful!!

  12. Little Misses Kate

    I don’t have any decorating advice (my walls are bare and white – I’m no help!), but I did spot a question for you: is OBoy sleeping sans guard rail now? We’ve considered taking down the rail on my almost-two-year-old’s bed, but the recommendation said until 5 years old (which sounds way too old to me). I think my tot can handle it, but I’m looking for some input from other Mommas.

    Also? Your boys are adorable, and your parenting skills rock.


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