my blisspiration

In just about 3 weeks I will be headed to Nashville to attend the BlissDom Conference, baby in tow! OBrother and I are very excited about it. It will be 4 days of passion, tools, tips, and hugs. I cannot wait to be inspired and fueled up!

I made a little video this morning in response to BlissDom Speaks‘ prompt this week: How do you hope BlissDom changes you? Enjoy!

10 Responses to “my blisspiration”

  1. Kim

    You are so freaking CUTE!!! I can’t wait to sit up all night nursing our babies, eating good food and laughing! Well, not all night, because really, we are Mamas and we need to sleep. So we will stay up late…like until 11 ;)

  2. Dawn S

    I live here in Nashville but am not attending the conference. I’m sure it’s fun for you pro-bloggers, though :)

    When you’re at the hotel, remember it was under water less than 2 yrs ago in the big flood here – amazing how they brought it back so quickly and so beautifully restored!

  3. elizabeth

    OBrother is too cute for words. When did OBoy become such a little man? you are adorable too! :)

  4. Sarah

    I always love seeing your family live and in person. OBrother looks so much like OBoy!! Give them both kisses for me! :)
    I’m really glad you can go to BlissDom. One of these days (years) I’ll get to go too. I hope you have a wonderful time!


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