January 2012 Archives


traveling graces

Late. Always running late, especially when we need to get on the road toward the airport at 5 in the morning. We made it to the airport just under the wire to get our luggage on our flight and we rushed over to the security line. The security line. My stomach dropped when I saw that it… Read more »


so far so fantastic

O my, are we ever having a great time in Oregon. Hiking, meals as a family, good wine, down time, beach trip, feeding horses, beautiful scenery, beautiful people. (O, and free time to edit pictures and sleep in. I love grandparents.)


some ch-ch-ch-changes

(Hi-O from Oregon!) Turns out my scale is wonky. True story. It goes something like this: Friday: 187lbs Saturday: 186lbs Sunday: 185lbs Monday: 184lbs Tuesday: 184lbs Wednesday: 183lbs (but then 20 seconds later it was 184lbs, then 183lbs, then… wait for it… 185lbs) Not really sure what to think, but today on my parents’ scale… Read more »


sometimes it pays to go to Target instead.

Tomorrow O My Family and I are boarding an airplane bright and early, which means, naturally, that I spent today running around like the apocalypse was nigh. Cycled laundry like a mad woman, returned our library books, filled a prescription, and went to Target for disposable diapers and some items to entertain the boys on the… Read more »