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no child left (too far) behind

My life is a logistical nightmare. Take vacuuming for example. OBoy loves himself some vacuum, which would work nicely if he had the gross motor skills required to actually be effective at the task. Unfortunately, vacuuming to him looks like leaving the appliance tipped up and loudly whirring in the middle of the living room… Read more »


never enough

I count my calories. At 8pm, I’m over by 45 already and my options are to be satisfied for the day or to go burn a few hundred calories working out so I can have more. Specifically, so I can have that cup of yogurt with 2/3 cup granola on top (240 calories). I usually… Read more »


a little less but a lot more

February 21, 2012: 167lbs – 20lbs lost! Ok, so we all know how stressed I feel about bringing my 9 month old baby to BlissDom tomorrow, but do you know what I’m not stressed about for the first time ever at a blogging conference? My appearance. I weigh 20lbs less than I did when I bought my… Read more »


a breakthrough

I have been scared, friends. Nervous, anxious, panicky, scared. This week I will be flying to Nashville for 5 days of BlissDom, an awesome social media conference… with my 9 month old baby boy. When I bought my ticket and flights, I felt brave and empowered. Look at me, blogging world, I’m so dedicated to breastfeeding, babywearing,… Read more »