your shop + o my sidebar

Hi friends. Have you noticed how empty that has been lately? ———->

I have too.

I want to use that space to get the word out to my friends and readers (who are friends I just haven’t met yet) about small businesses and handmade shops. Do you have one of those? Awesome. Let’s connect.

(You will find my prices really really reasonable. And by reasonable I mean inexpensive. I wrote candidly about the reasoning behind  my affordable prices on my advertising page.)

I look forward to using this platform to promote your shop (and happy Wednesday)!

11 Responses to “your shop + o my sidebar”

    • AllisonO


      (But, yes. I kind of totally agree. Cuz, hi. Compare this picture to the one on the top right. Yea. That’s what I thought.)

      • Karey

        That’s exactly what I was thinking! The comparable is… well, incomparable! :) You look great really great (and that cutie with you is pretty stinkin’ adorable, too)!

  1. Aimee

    I know you are super discouraged this week, but OH WOW you look amazing! Your skin is radiant and your face is so thin!! Keep up the good work!!

    (I’m on the same journey–I’ve lost 6 pounds, but I can relate to how difficult some days are)

  2. elizabeth

    i saw this on my phone last night but i was too lazy to comment. i just wanted to reiterate the posts above and say that you look amazing – your hard work is paying off!! :)


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