Guess what, buddy.

I realize that there are massive amounts of playdough crumbles on the ground here.

But, well, scroll down and you’ll see why I didn’t bother to sweep them up.

“Hey, OBoy. See that wall behind you?”


“Yes, that one. The one that’s been there everyday while we ate breakfast.”


“Well, we’re going to tear it down today. That wall is going to be all gone soon.”


“Yea, that’s kinda how I feel, too.”


Two good sledge swings from the back side of the wall and boom.


I guess this means we’re actually doing this remodel, then.

Can’t really turn back now.


See? Sweeping the playdough looks not all that important now, huh?


My brother-in-law and father-in-law are our on-call team for large demolition projects.


Say goodbye to the last remaining nasty blue trim.


Soon (but not soon enough) this space will be all walled out and incorporated into our kitchen.

It will serve as a mudroom and partially a pantry.

Also, GOOD GRIEF, YES we are putting in a new back door.

The 1970s called and wants it back.

16 Responses to “Guess what, buddy.”

  1. Sidnie

    It looks amazing already, Allison! I am so excited for your kitchen!
    I know the finished room is far off, but the progress looks great!

  2. Kim

    That ‘o’ face is too precious! You’re going to love your new kitchen, and the 70’s really need that door!

  3. kristen howerton

    As soon as I saw that door pic, I thought, “TELL ME SHE’S KEEPING THE DOOR”. Alas, you are not. What time should I be by to pick it up? That thing is the awesome.

  4. Melissa

    I’m so excited to see it when it’s all finished! You all are so creative and such hard-workers! Way to go!

  5. michelleJ

    This is amazing. Can’t wait for the full “before” and “after” blog post with lots of photos. (Sorry. Does that sound too selfish? I’m sure you just can’t wait for a functional kitchen again). Would you be so kind, (I’ve lost track), so catch me up: what became of the rooms downstairs that WERE your bedrooms??
    Love your house remodel posts.

  6. Annie

    I’m very envious of the remodel – when it is complete that is! Living in a house being remodeled can be quite testing from what I’ve heard – not actually lived through…..yet : )
    Your positivity is refreshing!


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