how to back carry in the ergo

Thanks Mama Bear for the question – always happy to share!

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  1. Kristal

    Is that an Ergo brand carrier? What is the name/design of it? I really love that pattern.

  2. Suzanne

    I already knew how to back carry in my Ergo but I watched the video because I miss your face. Also, holy cow you look HAWT.

    • AllisonO

      Hey, remember that time we walked around Ikea and all I talked about was how freaking hungry I was and then I was all “surprise I’m preggo!” and you were all “I am so shocked.”

      I miss you, too.

  3. Erin

    Love the carrier! Love the baby! And LOVE the necklace! Is it a nursing necklace?

  4. Johanna @ These Prices

    Love it! I always did the hip scoot to get him onto my back at that age. Now that he stands and walks (sob!), I just stand him up and lean forward and pull him onto my back. Having a crossover/SUV is handy, because I can stand him up in the back, sit down in front of him and put him onto my back.

  5. Stephanie Hanes

    Cute video and great tips too! But, seriously, you look AMAZING! Way to go, mama! I’ve done a back carry with an Ergo several times on the go too – when my son was itty bitty I would put my daughter on the back and carry him in my arms on the front. Ha! I found that using the front passenger seat of our mini van helped get my kids in and out too, but I’ve also done what you showed here. :)

  6. Karey

    THANK YOU! We’re due in 8 weeks (with number 4, but we’ve never had a “good” carrier before) and Ergo is top of my list, but I wasn’t sure I’d be able to figure out how to use it – your tutorial made it look so much easier than I was picturing! Yay! Now I’m super excited!

    Oh, and can I just say? WEIGHT LOSS MUCH!? Holy-hot-Mama, Batman! :) You’re getting me excited to get this baby out and start on my weight loss journey (again, lol). :)

    • AllisonO

      Yay! I hope you enjoy wearing that new baby! Just know that wee little ones shouldn’t do back carry. Some soft structured companies say 8mo, some 10mo. Make sure to check your carrier’s warning information. ::end obligatory cautionary statement::


      • Karey

        If you have the “infant attachment” for the Ergo it can be used as a front pack too, though, right? That’s what I was hoping – front carry for the first 9 months or so and then back carry… I’ll look it up to be sure, though. Thanks! :)

  7. Cole

    You look so great! Mommy and I find a hip scoot to be easier with our SSC – would you mind if we piggy-backed on your idea a little and did a vlog showing that way?

  8. Tiffany @MomNom

    As a mom with two way too old for this, I watched just to see your sweet face. Can I say hello, dump track, toss, was the part that made me LOL. SO something I would say/do. Also, you look SMOKIN hot.

  9. souphead

    that was great! haven’t even tried the back carry yet. probably because i don’t BW often enough, she’s not so crazy about it.

  10. kk @ the mom diggity

    Thanks for the tips!! My little Zoey is just getting big enough for back carry and I wasn’t sure how to go about it when we aren’t home :) PS. You look FAAAAAAB!!!!

  11. Christina

    Just wanted to stop by and say you look great, not only weight wise, but also clothes wise! So stylish! You always seem so patient with your kids!

    • Sara

      Yes Yes and Yes! I watched not because I need to learn how to do this right now but just because. And I have to shout a giant Ditto out to what Christina said! You are so patient with them. Its a beautiful thing.

  12. Annie

    So helpful! Thank you for taking the time to demo this. I’m expecting my 3rd in June and expect to need my hands free for my 2 1/2 year old : )
    You look amazing!

  13. Patty

    Well done! I used to back carry my daughter in the ergo every day when I nannied, pushed twins in a double stroller and had her on my back. I loved it because it was resistance weight, great exercise and a way to be close to my daughter, love when they fall asleep on my back. I didn’t back carry until my daughter was around 9 months. Practice, practice, practice. I know my husband and mother would cringe when they’d see me set up a solo back carry. To take her off I always plopped down on an easy chair and just unbuckled her and the bottom, and scoop her off the chair after I’d stood up and she was deposited. My ergo was one of the best baby purchases I made, and I debated it for MONTHS.

  14. MamaBear

    THANK YOU! I bought the Ergo for the back carry and now i’ll be able to actually DO just that! I find it fanfastic for the front and by far causes the least strain on my back. I bought mine for $40 on craigslist but would have happilg paid $200 because of how great it is.

    I wore it on vacation – played laser tag and air hockey with Elsa on my front.

    I even did a maple syrup program in our park while she was in the Ergo.


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