most unexpectedly

Good morning! Welcome to the table. Won’t you sit and sip some chai with me? Today I’m hosting part of the Gathered Thoughts Link Party for my lovely friends at Love Feast Table. Here is my ‘gathered thought’ prompt:

most unexpectedly

Motherhood is a series of lost and found blessings.

The blessing of carrying a sweet baby around in your tummy is lost, the blessing of birth is given.

The blessing of a fresh, snugly, warm newborn is lost, the blessing of an alert, smiling peanut is given.

The blessing of a chubby cheeked  toddler is lost, the blessing of a talkative, imaginative pre-schooler is given.

At each stage I find myself mourning what was – what I’ve lost, who my boys were at such and such age – but each time I am blown away by the unexpectedly beautiful next stage.

The assurance that what comes next will also be a blessing allows me to enjoy today without fear. Knowing this, that each blessed stage ends, makes me want to dwell that much more in the moment, drinking in who my boys are that day because surely they will be different tomorrow.  But tomorrow will be a blessing as well. I don’t have to cling to today as though the end of this stage will mean the end of the blessing and the beautiful, because another will be most unexpectedly given in its place.

Even when I can’t fathom what could replace the sweetness of a standing, cruising, smiling OBrother or a creative, enthusiastic OBoy, I can know and trust that it will come, and that it, too, will be a blessing.

The more times I experience this cycle – loss and then unexpected blessing – the less unexpected it becomes.

Praise God, I can trust in the unexpected blessings of tomorrow.

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15 Responses to “most unexpectedly”

  1. LoveFeast Table

    This is so beautiful. It is bittersweet, but I agree, the more times we go through this cycle, the less unexpected it becomes…and yet, the more often we go through the cycle the more we learn to savor each and every moment and stage for what it is. Thank you Allison for joining us today at the table!
    ~Chris Ann & Kristin

  2. Megan (FriedOkra)

    So true! Fantastic expression of the sentiment. I am a forward-looking Mama and used to be somewhat mystified by how other mothers seemed sad as their children moved from one stage to another. But time has taught me, in a way, I guess the reverse of what it’s teaching you. That I should soak in today and not spend so much time thinking how neat it’s going to be when my children can _______________. (I hope that makes sense.)

  3. BarbO

    Allison, you are so thoughtful. So true about loosing one blessing and gaining another. When my son got married (your husband), I lost the closeness I had, but I gained an amazing daughter-in-law. So thankful for you and for God in his infinite wisdom planning your union. Love you!

  4. Sidnie

    I love this, Allison. So much.
    My mom tells me often that she wasn’t ready to let me go (as in, get married AND move to Germany), but that when she did, and she saw me truly happy for the first time… It’s what kept her going.
    Your words reminds me of that… That it’s all a give and take. It’s all something better. Something better comes…even when this moment is perfect.

  5. Kristin

    This sums up exactly how I’m feeling as my baby turns into a toddler… I’ve been feeling so sad, but your words make me excited for the future! Thank you!

  6. Amanda

    Amen! I think having baby #2 has helped me with that perspective, to savor each new stage, to enjoy where they’re at each day.

  7. Sarah C.

    Just wanted to say thanks for this reminder… my first baby is 5 weeks old and I’m already struggling with him growing up too fast. I need to stop mourning the loss of his sweet little newborn stage and instead enjoy every moment of the present… I am so delighted in his little smiles and alertness which grows with every day!


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