because my life is on a 1.5 week delay.

So… Easter happened.

Remember that?

IMG_0259.jpg IMG_0261.jpg IMG_0269.jpg IMG_0271.jpg IMG_0273.jpg

{what we wore}

-oboy and obrother: white oxfords – thrifted (gap). khaki pants – thrifted (polo and gap). ties – handmade by whimsical pudding. obrother’s shoes – old navy. oboy’s shoes – crocs.

-danO: coral and blue oxford – costco (represent!). khaki pants – target. belt – gap. shoes – (and I quote: ‘I have no idea’).

-me: dress – h&m. cardigan – target. yellow shoes – dsw, (steve madden). flower headband – handmade by the petal collection.

20 Responses to “because my life is on a 1.5 week delay.”

  1. Kasey M.

    Babies in ties just makes my day! Look at them looking so adorable for the holiday. I hope you had some great quality time with your family :)

  2. Amanda

    O the ties! So presh. And I love your dress… I would pretty much wear paisley all the time if I could. :)

  3. Teresa

    You may all be the cutest colour co-ordinated family I have ever seen. Love it!!

  4. Natalie

    Allison, ive been reading your blog for close to two years and have never commented, but I think your family is adorable, and I just love the color-coordination you’ve got going on here. My parted is a much better dresser than I, and is great at picking out for me a beautiful dress and then dressing himself to match. fingers crossed, one of these days they’ll be a child or two to match, as well. If that day comes, I hope I can be half the mom you are.

  5. Annie

    I cannot believe how color coordinated your family was for Easter! Even OBoy’s crocs with Dan’s shirt : )
    My family was close, we were themed in green, but I decided I liked my daughter’s brown with pink dress SO much better than the green. So she didn’t match us, but was adorable on her own… : )

  6. Kelly

    Absolutely ADORABLE! Love the coordinating colors and the boys ties are adorable! You should post a close-up of your headband for us to see… :)


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