a knight in shining, aluminum, 6.5oz armor

At 8:08am this morning our front door creaked open and I about wet my pants in fear. I grabbed my phone, typed in 911 (but didn’t press call) and went to investigate. I was met at the top of our stairs by a broad shouldered, 6’2″ DanO.

“O thank God.” I sigh-speak.

“Hi! It’s me!” (he says now).

In his hand he holds a skinny brown cylinder, an aluminum can I have come to love more than I thought possible. My heart leaps.

**Interruption to remind you:

This, week 8 of our kitchen remodel, is also week 5 of not having a stove. That is to say: I cannot boil water (except maybe in the microwave? Does that work?). As my friend Abby said, “Wishing you a speedy return to this century. Wait, they boiled water in ALL THE CENTURIES!!!!” Since we do not own a coffee maker and making french press coffee (my usual) requires pre-boiled water, I am proverbially up coffee creek without a latte.

Until DanO comes unannounced through the front door brandishing an aluminum can like the knight in shining armor that he is.

I may not have the ability to boil water, but I can sure tell you what modern chivalry looks like.


12 Responses to “a knight in shining, aluminum, 6.5oz armor”

  1. Sidnie

    I love that he takes care of you!

    Also? I wonder if water would boil in the crock pot? Turn it on at night before you go to bed, kind of thing?

  2. Elizabeth

    You can totally boil water in the microwave! We do it when making baby bottles…. granted, we are not boiling a pot of water or anything, but at least you can make your french press coffee! It actually only takes maybe 2 minutes to get a boil going.

  3. Antje

    Yes, you can absolutely boil water in a microwave! That’s totally how they work. Microwaves actually target water molecules and are particularly effective on them. Since almost all food contains moisture, it all heats up nice & quick.

  4. Sarah

    I boil water in my microwave every morning for my French press! It takes 2 minutes.

  5. Kelly @ Love Well

    You can boil water in a microwave. But if you can spare $20, you can also get an electric tea kettle. I bought one for Corey last winter, because he was making tea every afternoon. But these days, we use it to make French press on an almost daily basis.

    (Dan O is the bomb. Way to bring home the bacon AND the coffee-in-a-can.)

  6. Meredith

    Am dying LOL–“I am proverbially up coffee creek without a latte”–hysterical and you have such a gift for the written word :) Hope you get the coffee situation squared away soon!

  7. Helen Davies

    I love that he did that for you!!

    Just a thought, but why not buy a cheapo electric kettle from target (or somehwere cheaper- do u have Aldi in USA?) we bought a cheap one just for camping and it works fine. Then you could have coffee whenever- which I think is a necessity not a luxury!!

    Have fun!

  8. elizabeth

    we use our microwave to boil water. Adam also uses a french press. he puts 4 cups in at 6 minutes and it seems to work. ;) i can’t imagine being out a stove during this time though!!


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