preparing for a day trip with littles – my segment on Kare11 Today

Updated 10:00pm 5/16 – Here is the video of the segment today if you weren’t able to tune in!

Hi there. New here? It’s nice to meet you!

I’m Allison and I write about parenting and life in the Twin Cities with my husband and our two (very) little boys on O My Family. We touch on a little bit of everything around here… postpartum depression and kitchen remodels, running half marathons and wearing my babies (but not at the same time).


{Please appreciate how willing my 2-almost-3-year-old is to do anything to make people laugh, including but not limited to gooftastic smiles in otherwise idillic family pictures. Sigh.}

You might have caught a glimpse of me today on the Twin Cities’ Kare11 Today show (at about 11 am if it hasn’t happened yet) talking about how I prepare for a day trip with our young family. I have included all of the information here that I talked about in my interview, and then some. I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for and please – if you don’t, ask! You’ll find that readers who stop by my little corner of the interwebs here are, to me, friends I just haven’t met yet.

:: a day out with the family – must-haves for a day trip with small children ::

Planning ahead for your day trip is so important. I like to play the day out in my head, picturing different scenarios we might encounter – what and when we will eat, how the weather will impact us, etc. I then choose how I want to prepare for the day based on those situations – e.g. extra bug spray for if we stay out until dusk, extra water if we won’t have access to refills. Each trip will be unique in this regard, so be sure to tak the time to think through the day’s events.

I’ve also gathered a list of products that will make a day trip with little ones easier, cleaner, and healthier.
  • Hand sanitizer – Pretty self-explanatory.
  • Camelback Kids Bottle – Want to keep healthy? Keep hydrated. I love these bottles for my kids because they have a lot more volume to them than a usual non-spill cup and are easy enough for even my one year old to know how to use.
  • BabyGanics Cleansing Washcloths – These are disposable washcloths that you only need water to use. Great for extra dirty hands before meals or for an end of the day clean up of a (happy) messy little kiddo.
  • BabySilk Sunscreen – I would like to personally hug the inventor of sunscreen wipes. Sure, we left the goop stuff in the dust a while ago when someone came up with a spray bottle application, but have you ever asked a one year old toddler to “sit still while I spray this all over you?” Clever, clever people those sunscreen wipe inventors.
  • NurtureMe Dried Organic Baby Food – I especially love this for longer hikes with littles or situations where carrying minimum weight is ideal. These are pouches of dried baby food that you add water to and reconstitute. Much lighter than food jars and fantastic ingredients (this one contains “organic apples”).
  • Medifast Medibites – Remembering to keep Mom and Dad well nourished is paramount to a good family day trip. Medifast has a whole line of high-protein snacks that give me enough energy to make it though long days with the boys. And a large (…or ‘small’?) bonus, on the Medifast nursing mother’s program I have currently lost 30lbs!

For littles with allergies (my oldest has seasonal allergies that can be the pits) I can’t stress enough the importance of planning ahead. For food allergies, pack enough snacks to supplement for any questionable options that might be available, and talk to your child about what the day may hold as it relates to their food allergies. A MedicalID Bracelet may be something to look into if your child has severe reactions.

In the case of seasonal allergies, make sure your child or children are current on any doses of allergy medication they may take. If you have a go-to over the counter treatment, be sure to bring it along with you. One product that may help too is Maty’s All-Natural Cough Syrup which, although labeled as a cough syrup, can help with many respiratory issues. It is essentially buckwheat honey and treats throat and breathing problems for children over one.

I hope you are able to plan a memorable day trip with your little ones and that these tips help keep everyone happy and healthy!

13 Responses to “preparing for a day trip with littles – my segment on Kare11 Today”

  1. Amanda

    Such a cute photo!! I’m hoping I can see your segment after it airs. :) We have the same Camelback! It works great, although it does leak a bit after lots of use and washes. This is probably too obvious,but I would add a baby carrier to the list, or a stroller. I forgot the stroller once on a trip to MOA and do not recommend that at all! :)

  2. elizabeth

    your family is so cute! J has a similarly cheesy smile that he puts on anytime anyone asks him to smile for pictures lol… except his nose is scrunched and eyes are closed. I love all of these ideas. I have to take his portable potty ring with me so I still need his diaper bag for that… slowly trying to wean him off using it though lol.

  3. JenD

    You were fabulous! I would normally be in the car to pick up my oldest from kindergarten when your segment aired, but since she was at home sick this morning we made sure to tune in to catch your segment. Allie, my sick kindergartner, was thrilled to share a name with you and kept commenting on how beautiful your hair is…I totally agree :) Great advice…and I definitely think I’m going to have to get my hands on some of those sunscreen wipes for my 18 month old. I’ve loved reading your blog from the very beginning, but I’m terrible at commenting consistently to let you know!

  4. Cat

    Speaking of babywearing…I need some advice! I just attempted my first solo errand-running with my almost two year old and my six week old and my new moby wrap. How IN THE WORLD do I get my toddler into the shopping cart if I’m already wearing the baby in the moby? Or do I just pray for a shopping cart to be already in the parking lot by my car? We live in Texas so I usually avoid the carts that have already been outside because I don’t want to burn my son’s chubby little legs on the metal parts of the cart…but when I tried getting him in inside I couldn’t avoid clunking their heads together…
    I went to Target (be still my heart) so if it was a total fail I could still get a pretzel! :)

  5. Sarah P.

    Okay, does anyone know where I can find those genius sunscreen wipes?? I checked today at Walmart and they didn’t carry them (I’ve never liked Walmart! ugh!). With a 3 year old and a 7 month old this would make it so much faster when we’re getting ready to head outside. Love the idea!


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