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O friends and readers (who are friends I just haven’t met yet). I’ve missed you. Last week was profoundly busy: house projects, house guests, household appliances dying on me, OBrother’s first birthday, a big birthday party, an almost 3 year old struggling with it being someone else’s birthday…

You better believe I have pictures.

But here’s the thing. None of that is coming off my fingers into a blog post (no matter how hard I try) because my head is swirling and whirling about this:

Tomorrow I will be on TV.

The program is Kare 11 Today (on NBC) and I will be talking with the hosts about how to prepare for a day trip this summer with littles kiddos. The interview will be live and should air some time around 11am here in the twin cities. I am so very excited and so very nervous.

I know what I’ll be talking about and am comfortable with my talking points, but you guys.



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  1. Sara

    Be sure to wear something very comfortable, but something that you also feel cute in. You don’t want to be tugging to pull your shirt down or up or anything like that. Keep it simple, cute and fun. Also more solid colors look better in pictures, so I would imagine the same goes for on TV.

    I hope you can post pictures/video for us non Twin City-er’s

  2. Meggan

    Black or grey fitted pants, a lightweight tee and a solid color blazer. Don’t wear a dress or skirt, because then you’ll worry about how you are sitting. Make sure you are comfortable and stylish. Your tee should be pink, aqua or coral, you are talking about summer!!! Good luck!!! Will you be able to post the interview on here for those of us not in your area?

  3. Caitlin MidAtlantic

    WOW! That is so, so, so exciting!!! I hear long/longer sleeves appear better on camera. But ultimately wear something you feel incredibly comfortable and confident in. Confidence is your best accessory!

  4. Sidnie

    I think a cardigan… and bright colors… would be appropriate.
    Don’t forget cute accessories- But make sure they’re not too big, or not all up in your face (i.e. distracting).

    So exciting! Cannot wait to hear all about it!

  5. Candace

    How exciting!! Don’t forget to be comfortable! Cute clothes that aren’t comfy will make you feel self conscious and distracted. Post the video so is folks further south can see you!! Congrats!!!

  6. Christine

    Something that won’t show how sweaty you are, in case your emotions do a hostile takeover of your sweat glands (like mine always do). Solid colors look good in pictures, so maybe not patterns.

    You’ll rock. Deep breaths. :)

  7. Kimie

    You always look beautiful, no matter what you wear! I suggest dark jeans, and a cute cardi with nice jewelry and flats. How exciting, I hope you get vids to post so we can all see your sweet self :)

  8. Kelly @ Love Well

    So cool.

    We used to recommend that on-air guests no wear patterns. The camera can do funny things to them. Bright solid colors are best.


  9. rebekah

    Wear something that hugs your curves. My sis-in-law, who has a great figure, was on TV and wore an A-line dress and it did not flatter her at all. And probably solids over prints – prints would look busy on camera, and distract from your beautiful face!

  10. kk @ the mom diggity

    Sooooo exciting!! I was on a local show last month to talk about beauty products for busy moms (aka moms who don’t shower…ahem). I wore dressy jeans and a fun top. A tip I got was to wear something colorful and fun. Don’t do black or dark colors because you’ll blend into the background. You will do faaaaabulous! I hope you can post a clip for us to see!!

  11. Heather Walburg

    Anything with color blocking! Also, so cool!! I won’t be able to catch it tomorrow:( but will you please post the segment on here if you get a chance? Or a link or something. So exciting!! Be yourself and don’t talk too fast! (I do that when I’m in front of a crowd and nervous;) )

  12. Megan

    that is so awesome! wish i could watch it and point at the screen and say “i know her…well, actually i follow her blog!” hahhahaha

    Don’t have many fashion tips. But I agree with someone above…wear comfortable clothes that is something you won’t regret!

    You will be great!


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