mama has a new printer! o my printable roundup!

If you’ve been around the interwebs (read: pinterest) for much time at all  you are aware that there be some talented people out there who share some of their artwork and designs with common folk such as myself simply because they are nice. (Ok, and probably also it drives traffic to their sites. But they are very nice about it.)

Somewhere along the line, DanO and I acquired a colored printer/scanner/fax combo (I think it came with a computer we bought a long while back?), but we never set it up because we had a perfectly functional black and white printer and I haven’t used a fax machine since high school. There just wasn’t any need for it. But with all this printable pinspiration going around, I finally cracked and forced DanO to install the print driver on my computer. Now I can print! all! the! things!

You cool people probably find this all so very 3 months ago, but I wanted to round-up some of the best (free!) printable designs you will actually use. As tempted as I am to throw a ‘canning party’ just so I can use these freakin’ adorable invites… it’s just not going to happen. Here are some darling printables for everyday life!

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 mom’s got a latte do today list by vale design

At any given point you can find one of these paper clipped to my planner. Wouldn’t it also be darling to print out a stack of these, hole-punch the top, tie them together with ribbon and make it into a pad? Maybe give them to a mama friend as a little thinking-of-you gift? You can download this printable here, copyright erinvaledesign.com.

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bible art by flourishing abode

I love what designer April says about her Bible verse printables:”I decided I wanted more verses around our home – more visual reminders of where out hearts and minds should be.” This is only one of the many beautiful verses she has designed and shared – for free. Print, frame, hang, enjoy! You can download this and other Bible verse printables here.

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positive thoughts tear-off poster by kind over mater

I haven’t done this one yet, but O BOY do I want to. Maybe on the community board down at Trader Joe’s? You can download this poster here.

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votive candle wraps by volume 25

Another one I haven’t done yet, but I have every intention of doing. Designer Jessica created beautiful patterned pages and includes in her post directions for using these pages to beautify some glassware around your home.  You can download this crafty printable here.

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cupcake birthday card by studio of mae

This two-sided flat birthday card design prints off 4 at a time and has officially joined my birthday card arsenal. They are darling (free!) and make a great running-out-the-door-to-a-party birthday card. Not that anyone else ever forgets to get a card ahead of time. You can download this birthday card here.

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nursery rhyme by mr. printables

Darling, no? I adore the colored version of this printable and want to print it off for the wall in the play room, but what I really love is the black and white one which we recently used as a coloring page on a… wait for it… rainy day. You can find both versions of this nursery rhyme page here.

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alphabet flash cards also by mr. printables

Do yourself a favor and spend some time browsing around the mr. printables site. There are so very many fantastic and free printables available on there, especially for those with preschool aged kiddos. These flash cards were a bit of a labor of love in the cutting department, but they really are great and have gotten OBoy excited about “pwaying letters cards” with me. You can download this and other flashcard sets here. :: Note: I was unable to view and print the sets when using Google Chrome web browser, but had zero issues when I opened them with firefox. ::

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meal plan by thirty handmade days

Eee! Meal planning made cute! I have this one printed off and need to find a frame with glass to put it behind so I can use a white board marker to write out our weekly meal plans in a re-usable and visually happy way. It also makes my heart happy that my friend Mique made these. You can download them on Mique’s blog here.

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vintage recipe card by love vs. design

It seems like once a week I exchange a recipe – either from me to someone else or vice versa. I think these would be a cute little addition to my stationary drawer for those “hey, can I have your no-bake strawberry pie recipe?” moments. Much, much cuter than a piece of paper ripped out of one of my notebooks. You can download this recipe card template and the filefolder in the image above here.

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See? Wasn’t that fun? Are you out of colored ink yet?

4 Responses to “mama has a new printer! o my printable roundup!”

  1. Vanessa @ Strickly Speaking

    Love meal planners. Thanks for adding another to my repertoire. Although, these days I just scribble it down on a piece of (mostly) blank paper. But meal planners are just soooooo much prettier. :)
    And recipe cards! I need to print more out. And give away my most favouritest recipes.

  2. Tabbi

    I put my printables behind a frame for DIY dry erase! That was I’m not printing one daily/weekly!


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