are you there internet? it’s me, allison.

We spent a full week without so much as cell service.

And we lived to tell about it.


My family and I disappeared into the north woods of Minnesota last week.

And when I say family, I do so mean family.


We are 35 in all, although 2 were not able to be there.

OBoy and OBrother played until they crashed with second cousin upon second cousin.


We cooked and ate dinner on the rocky shore of Lake Superior.

IMAG4746.jpg IMAG4752.jpg

OBoy discovered fishing and “caught” his first ever fish – a perch – with Papa’s help.

IMG_20120702_155401.jpg Micah with fish.jpg

My children played in the water without swimsuits on and I didn’t much care.

IMG_0993.jpg IMG_0995.jpg IMG_0999.jpg

I read two thirds of a historical fiction book (The Red Tent by Diamant).

We hiked and biked and swam and played with rocks and kayaked and stood under waterfalls.


The cousins made s’mores around a campfire over-looking an orange moon reflecting off of Lake Superior.

I nursed a toddler on a pebble beach.

 (File under: extreme breastfeeding)

There were many hands to make light work of keeping track of 8 children under 5.

IMG_0919.jpg IMG_0926.jpg
 Yes, the darling cooperative one in the red stripes is all mine.

This one started walking like a boss.


We watched the cutest little small town Independence Day parade and OBoy will happily tell anyone who will listen how “der were people in da big twucks and dey trew tweats at me!”


OBoy raced a minnow at the Fourth of July festival.

IMG_0906.jpg IMG_0909.jpg

I couldn’t check email or send text messages and I even forgot to wear my watch most days, but somehow facebook still knew about my run on Tuesday (creeper).

There were bugs. So, so many bugs.


When we left my shoulders were bronzed and my heart was so very full. I treasure the moments and experiences we had as a family (small and large) while we were unplugged from the world last week.

It was filled with exactly the kind of childhood memories I want my children to have.

12 Responses to “are you there internet? it’s me, allison.”

  1. Whitney Baker

    I am so very jealous of that amazing vacation you all got to enjoy! Looks like you guys had so much fun. Those little boys of yours are too cute!


  2. Christy M

    LOVE! Looks like a great time! Where did you guys stay? Campground, resort or cabin?

  3. Amanda

    Welcome back!! What beautiful photos of your sweet kiddos! I can’t believe baby boy is walking already… that means mine will be walking soon too! I’m so glad you had a good time and made some great memories. :)

  4. Karey

    Sounds perfect! I love the pictures, too! (And “The Red Tent” – good book!)

    Oh and seriously, that adorable baby (that was JUST born!) is walking already!? Craziness!

  5. Zoey

    So cool more people should do this I think it is a good idea every now and then to get away in order to do some self reflection and get your thoughts clear.

  6. Rachel

    What a wonderful place for a vacation?! I love the Lake Superior area. Were you anywhere near Finland/ Silver Bay? I am moving there in the fall!


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