ringing in 3 years of family

3 years ago yesterday I reached down and picked up my baby, thinking  “You’re here!” (which was swiftly followed by “You look like my brother!”). A paradigm shift was ushered into the world with our first born and we have been reeling ever since.

But reeling in the funnest possible way.

To celebrate (and because for the first time, we had a child who was actually aware that it was his birthday), we whooped it up yesterday in O My Family.

After bed the night before, DanO and I inflated a 72 pack of balloons and filled the hallway outside the boys’ room with celebratory goodness. The morning was as exciting and wild as you’d think.

What a joy family is, friends. Joy.

After having our fill of the balloon hallway, I took the boys to the park post haste because the high yesterday was 100° and I put in a run around the lake before we play. It was 8am or never.

The (sweaty, sandy) park was followed by baths! for! everyone! which was followed by underwear/diaper-clad balloon time. And a coffee IGaveBirth-day treat for me.

When DanO got home from work we went to the mall and finally did one of those things that we had always previously answered with “not today”. A carousel ride. (Note: check your local carousel for a Birthday Club. About 2 months ago I filled out a form and like magic a postcard came, good for a free birthday ride for OBoy and up to 9 (nine!) guests.)

The evening held family, cake, and  gifts as well as many, many lessons in sharing. O, mercy, the sharing.

What a gift to watch our first little boy grow. What a gift to be trusted with his life. What a gift to have this family.

Happy third birthday, OBoy!

14 Responses to “ringing in 3 years of family”

  1. Emily

    Ha! I posted this yesterday on my blog! (deardearsister.com) We did the birthday club carousel ride for the first time last weekend too. I didn’t know they had it other places! What fun!

  2. Tiffany @MomNom

    Happy Birthday, Oboy!! XOXO Miss Ava’s is August 6 – you two are too cute.

  3. Arianne

    Y’all are adorable and fun and OH that cake! Did you make it?

    I’m with JJ – will you come do this for my birthday in March? :)

  4. abby

    Looks like a fun family day! Three years have flown by. I still remember reading your blog posts with pregnancy pics of your swollen feet at work:) ha!

  5. Amber @ Backwards Life

    Love it! The balloon idea is fantastic. I’ve seen the ones inside the child’s room, but there’s no way I could sneak into mine while she was sleeping and not wake her. The hallway is a perfect choice!

  6. LoveFeast Table

    So sweet! We celebrate every birthday in our family with signs ~ homemade signs from every one wishing birthday wishes ~ sometimes a few balloons and streamers are added in – if the momma has time ~ but ALWAYS signs! (Off topic ~ but your bangs are adorbs!!! Way to go birth-mama!) ~Chris Ann

  7. Ashley L.

    Happy birthday, OBoy! I love the balloon idea, we may have to borrow this.


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