over at a deeper family today

Morning, friends and readers (who are friends I just haven’t met yet)! I have been given the honor of contributing to the A Deeper Family blog, part of the A Deeper Story channel. This morning, my words are over there all shiny and new. I’m so very excited and, yea, maybe a little nervous about this new endeavor, meeting this new community.


“Now it’s evening and the dinner plates have been cleared. My husband, Dan, and I initiated a family tradition (last week) of post-dinner family walks. We load the toddlers up again, this time into a double stroller, and we hit our urban neighborhood’s bumpy, old sidewalks. The trees burn yellow-orange and the squirrels run rampant. But our autumnal serenity is interrupted every few minutes by requests.” 

You can read the rest here.

Happy Wednesday, all!

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