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when talking about the marriage bed

{image credit} I have this group of friends. They are some of the craziest, most amazing women I have ever met via the interwebs (although we have now all met in person). They are sassy and adventurous; they are all in differing places in life, but they all love Jesus. And there’s something else special… Read more »


medifast: let’s do this thing.

Exactly a month ago, I threw in the towel. I was less than a week from hopping on a plane bound for the literal opposite side of the world to see things my heart couldn’t fathom and my head couldn’t compute. Stress compounded upon stress and I felt like the proverbial camel must feel as… Read more »


loving being a mama

I posted a picture of the boys walking with the wagon down our street. The cursor didn’t blink long waiting for me to type a photo description; I simply wrote exactly what I was feeling. Then, I put my phone back in my pocket and walked on, taking in the cool fall air and the… Read more »


an extrovert’s retreat

Our paths crossed on the interwebs and the bonds were immediate. It’s almost like we were brought together for such a time as this. You would not believe the things we have come along side each other through in the last year. And now we’re finally literally along side each other. Last night we flew… Read more »