saturdays are for lovers

Here are some great reads I’ve found around the interwebs lately.

“Throughout the birth of Ethan, I kept telling myself that everything happening was normal, even if it struck me as far beyond the bounds of ordinary life. This was birth. God designed every woman to pass through it … and live.” – Read the rest on Laboring Over Theology – by Ed Cyzewski at A Deeper Family




“This image—a Buddhist monk riding on the back of a Catholic priest’s bike—has stuck with me. It’s an image of cooperation that we, in the United States, are sorely lacking. Sure, there are official interfaith dialogue sessions, and we’ve all seen priests, pastors and imams sitting together and playing nice at inaugurations and state funerals.” – Read the rest on When Christians Play Well With Others – by Tony Jones at Relevant Magazine


I have zero problem un-liking or un-friending someone who posts things to facebook that are offensive to me or even that I simply don’t like.  I rarely use the “hide” button.  I am a deleter.  Because of this, I’ve been called “small-minded” and “sad,” and one person even insinuated that I’m not “fair” about it, that I keep people in my feed who are rant-y, as long as they’re on my side of the fence.” - Read the rest on Don’t Tell Me How To Use Facebook – by Laura Tremaine of the Hollywood Housewife



“My friend Kyle preached about community this spring, and how we’re all in it together and how we’re called into the long suffering with one another. That we will suffer others and others will surely suffer us, too. I giggled along with everyone else sitting in the theater seats. But, all of a sudden, my skin caught on fire and I shifted awkwardly in my chair.” Read the rest on Smooth Me Out, Soften Me Up – by Nish Weiseth of Nish Happens



I hope you have an O so fabulous weekend!

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