welcome to the parent ‘hood!

Some bloggy friends and I are hosting a weekly synchroblog on Mondays called The Parent Hood! You should know that first and foremost, this weekly link-up/meme/blog hop schwhatevers is about community. It was started by a community of mom writers from a range of parenting stages coming together to share our lives. In turn, we have made this synchroblog intentionally inclusive. If a post is about parenting, it belongs in the ‘hood. Post on your own blog about parenting – strategies, woes, revelations – and link up here.

I made a quick video this morning (with my mid-remodel kitchen in the background. I’m such a tease!) to welcome you and I am a total weirdo in it, so enjoy!

Each Monday and for the rest of that week, you link your post to The Parent ‘Hood here at O My Family, Vita FamiliaeTo Think is To CreateJoy in this JourneyLove WellFried Orka or Lovefeast Table. No matter which blog you use for to link your post, it will show on all of these blogs (thus lots of community, connections, and exposure), for all readers and participants to see.

Of course, community really takes place when we  participate in a conversation with others. So click around the ‘hood, read other posts, comment, and meet some new virtual playdate buddies!

From FriedOkra’s post: “A few quick details about being part of The Parent ‘Hood:

  1. Each link-up will run from Monday morning through the following Sunday. A new link-up will start on the next Monday morning.
  2. You will want to link the URL of your specific parenting post, not the homepage of your blog. Otherwise your parenting post will get buried under new content on your homepage and be hard to find when readers click through on your link later in the week.
  3. We really hope this link-up provides you not only with a place to share your own posts, but also the opportunity to read and comment on other blogs. Any good ‘hood is all about community, right? Read, comment and enjoy as you have time!”

For this kick off week, we invite you to link up to any parenting post from your archives (or last week if you wrote about it) to get the conversation started.

Welcome to the ‘hood! I’m O so glad you’re here!

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