add this moment to my “want to keep it forever” bottle

He came over, laid himself across my lap, and asked “Can you scratch my back please, Mommy?”

For the record, the answer to that will always, always be yes.

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4 Responses to “add this moment to my “want to keep it forever” bottle”

  1. MommaBird

    Sweet baby! They are growing up so fast.

    I’ve been a follower for a long time, ever since I counted how old my little one was by weeks.

  2. tanya @ truthinweakness

    oh i love it. my moment today came after some tension w/ my son today. he was having a hard time with something, & kept coming back to it in conversation. after a little while of this (& one worn-out mama), he said, “mommy?” — expecting more expressions of discontent, i held my breath & whispered a very quiet & hesitant, “yes? . . . ”
    “i love you.”

  3. DanO

    I do so love giving the back scratches. It makes my heart warm knowing that my son can feel love from me in such a simple way. Sometimes he asks me to scratch his arm too!


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