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patience and soft speech

“Patience can persuade a prince, and soft speech can break bones.” Proverbs 25:15 patience and soft speech… O man, do I need more of those. It is both alarming and simultaneously natural, the extent to which my behavior is reflected by my children. It is neither subtle nor understated. No, it is as blatant as… Read more »


saturday happy dance

{Vimeo is being kind of dumb today. They are up for a couple of hours and then down for 30 minutes. If it looks like html gobbledy gook below here, try again soon. Sorry!} He gets his skillz (and his level of comfort at BestBuy) from Daddy.


o my blessings

It’s been quiet around here. Suffice it to say we’ve been having a lot of awesome time together this week. A photo shoot, DanO working from home, making Halloween costumes together, and tonight? A trip to the apple orchard. Y’all, I am flat blown away by how blessed I am by this family. (Yes. I… Read more »