o, hi.

You know how sometimes you spend a week in your hometown helping with family stuff and then you fly four hours back home to be greeted by a (super awesome) house guest and a Thanksgiving week filled with several family functions, on the drive home from one which your car stalls out on the freeway and you have to get it towed?


Week in my hometown:

{my old high’s school cross-country course}

{sweet long-time friends}

Flying home:

House guest:

Thanksgiving week:

{I made those! #brag}

Dead car:

Aaaaand now we are all caught up on the goings-ons of the O house.

Hope your week was less adventurous and exciting than ours was! Or at least as fun.

4 Responses to “o, hi.”

  1. Kasey M.

    OMama I am right there with you. We had a car die – completely die – unexpectedly and are now car shopping. You know, car shopping isn’t so much fun when its 35 and gusty outside. But if you don’t think about how much money you’re about to spend it’s kind of fun.

  2. Kim

    Good times right there! & shopping for a new car is o so fun. I came to own my current mini van when we were t-boned – the day after the bank cashed our check paying it off. No joke :)


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