deeper family with a tender heart

Well, I guess we should just out with it.

Conversations of “we should have a third” have begun in O My Family, but much like last time, there is a shadow looming. I wrote about it today over on A Deeper Family. Join me and my tender heart over there?

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  1. moriah sunde

    heading over to read. we’re having the same talk in our house these days. not being pregnant longer than 18 months is just starting to feel weird. ;)

  2. Katie

    I never comment, Allison, but I wanted to thank you for the wonderful read and your honesty. That must be so hard to get on paper but I’m sure you are helping many, many women and men with this. As for the discussion of the 3rd, this is CLEARLY none of my business and it is CLEARLY a hard and complicated decision to make but Oh My Goodness, you are a wonderful Mom!!!! You should have 8 children!!! The love you have for your husband and children oozes out of you. :-) If you do suffer from PPD again you seem to have such a wonderful support network around you, great hubby, family and friends. I’m not trying to make light of PPD, but you seem to have the right mindset to tackle it again. Good luck with the decision, Momma!

  3. Angela

    I’m a lurker :) But I want to thank you for your honesty and that post. I pray that God gives you super duper strength after baby #3 gets here… I agree with the above.. I admire your mothering skills immensely and often come to your blog for advice (FTM! 10m old!)

  4. Beth

    This was perfect.
    And so relatable.
    That pill bottle has been on my bedside table for 7 years now. And I’m pregnant with baby number four. And each one breaks me a little more, and then heals me too—making me, eventually—a more cracked but available person. Cracks are where the light gets through after all. :)
    Thank you for your honesty.


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