o my gift guide: for the preschool boy in your life

I am up to my eyeballs in preschooler boys around these parts, and sometimes it feels like the gift options out there are sparse: more duplos or maybe mega blocks.

Determined not to wrap up more of the same, I have scoured the interwebs  for creative, imaginative, and plain old fun gifts in a range of prices for the preschool set. Here is the best of what I found. Also, be sure to check out the directory of gift guides for everything from tweens to photographers at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!

1. The Reader hardcover book by Amy Hest, $4.25
I especially adore the illustrations in this book.

2. Little Blue Truck board book by Alice Schertle, $6.99
A fun, rhyming favorite of ours. Beep beep beep.

3. Play-Doh Diggin’ Rigs Tonka Playset – Gravel Yard, $9.99
A combination of construction trucks and play-doh, two very popular toys with preschoolers.
4. Let’s Go Fishing Magnetic Pole and Fish from Janod, $21.99
Cute, little handmade fishing set.
5. Prince Lionheart Balance Bike, $72.99
Have you heard of these? Balance bikes are supposed to help kids peddle without training wheels sooner. I love that this one is wooden and not plastered with Sponge Bob.
6. Kiwi Crate, $19.99
This is a subscription service that sends you a box-a-month, filled with everything you need for several themed crafts, oriented toward the preschool crowd. I know several homeschooling mamas who swear by it.
7. Old McDonald Finger Puppet Set, $11.50
How cute are these?
8. Crayola Twistables Bathtub Color Swirl Crayons, $5.99
Love this idea for adding even more fun to bath time.

9. IKEA Duktig mini-kitchen playset, $99.99
I like that this kitchen is neutral for boys or girls and is sturdy and wooden.

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16 Responses to “o my gift guide: for the preschool boy in your life”

  1. Michelle

    I am loving that none of your options are electronics. I’m so sick of all the toys being electronic for this age group. I also love that they aren’t all super pricey. We decided that with grandparents, aunts and uncles and stockings, we don’t need to break the bank for Christmas so we set a $25 limit per kid in our house.
    Another gift idea for your list – I LOVE Melissa & Doug, I’m buying my 2 1/2 year old the alphabet puzzle from them.

  2. Amanda Evans

    Good choices! I am struggling to avoid the overly Princessy gifts already. My daughter is getting a car mat and I can’t wait!!! Although, I will admit that after getting her a green bike this summer, her big gift, a scooter, is going to be pink this year.

  3. SortaCrunchy

    Apparently balance bikes are where it is AT now. Having seen how easily our neighborhood friends have transitioned to those as opposed to how hard it’s been for my girls to go from training wheel bikes to no standard – there is no doubt these are a good thing.

    Also, the girls got finger puppets similar to those in their stockings last year and they STILL play with them. And they are 7 and 5!

    Good stuff. Thank you, pretty mama!

  4. Laura

    I have a 6 year old and we LOVE our Kiwi Crates! We just made a cardboard gingerbread house from them last night. So much fun for creative kids.

  5. Jamie

    That fishing pole set looks adorable! We’ve been trying to think of something creative for our preschool son. He’s going to get plenty of toys and goodies from his grandparents and it’s tough to think outside the box!

  6. Helen Davies

    Good list Alison. Just to let you know though, be careful with the wooden balance bike though- I have heard reports that some are very heavy and hard for the kid to move. Because of this we just bought a metal one off EBay- it’s plain red and you can attach pedals later when the kid is ready. It’s also got brakes which appanrantly is good cause it gets your child ready for a real bike. As you can tell, I’ve done rather a lot of research!!
    Love the playdough idea- not sure I’ve seen that one in Australia- I will have a look!!
    Enjoy whatever you decide to get,

  7. Gudrun

    Great list! I have a 3 yr old boy and he has a couple of these items and I think he would love the rest. Never heard of the kiwi crate before. Thanks. I noticed that zulily has a deal on the boot scoot balance bike.

  8. Lisa

    Wonderful collection of ideas! I love giving the little ones in our family picture books for the holidays too. Thanks for sharing.


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