a letter from O’s mama

My trip to Sri Lanka seems ages ago. The temperatures keep dipping into the negatives here, and sometimes it seems like those warm days near the Indian Ocean were just a dream. I can’t remember what it feels like for my bones to be warm. That world is so different from my snow-covered one.

Then, with only an air-mail stamp to serve as advanced warning, I am transplanted back there through the hypnotizing swirls of the written Tamil language. It’s a letter from our sponsored baby’s mom.

O, my heart! Through fuzzy translation, I learn more about their family, about the growing and learning baby O has been up to since our time together last summer. Yes, that time actually happened.

Yes, he really did sit in my lap and kick his legs. Yes, he slept as his mama and I talked about babies and nursing and motherhood. Yes, I got to hug them both. It really did happen.

And this letter that describes their house, the husband’s work, the older brother’s schooling, it reminds me that they really are still working and living on the other side of the world. They really do still live in a house with a dirt floor. They really are still blessed by our sponsorship. And we are still blessed by them.

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Please consider connecting with a child and their parents through the gift of World Vision Child Sponsorship. I have seen it with my own eyes and I truly believe in it.

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