a (not really all that) dirty little secret over on together in 10

I’m sharing one of my taboo fashion tricks over on Together in 10 today. It could lead to a super awkward silence or make you want to kiss me. You decide.

(How’s THAT for a teaser?)

Read all about it (and judge me if you must) here.

Happy Friday, friends!

9 Responses to “a (not really all that) dirty little secret over on together in 10”

  1. Jo

    Good grief woman. I am wearing the same outfit I wore yesterday because I haven’t taken the clothes off yet. Yoga pants and t-shirt hooray! You have nothing to worry about… LOL

  2. Laura

    I only change clothes because the people at work would make fun of me if I didn’t. You bet I wear the same outfit as soon as I get home every night though: flannel pants and my husband’s sweatshirt.

  3. Lisa

    I am jealous! I think my students would notice. ;) I definitely rewear without washing if there is no stink or stains though!

  4. Casey

    Totally normal! I am currently sitting in the same outfit from yesterday as I have no plans to leave the house! As long as I didn’t see my mother in law or sister in law and will see them again I totally go for it! Love it! Hear us roar!

  5. Joie

    When I lived in France, we would wear outfits for at least two days. To work, no less. It was a hard thing to stop doing, let me tell you! Makes so much more sense. Clothes are expensive there, so buy fewer of them and get more use out of them – makes sense to me. It seems weird to me when people only wear something once before washing. You’re far from alone!

  6. Hannah W.

    I repeat all the time! Sometimes I switch up the pants and shirts, but as long as there is no day before crud left on them, and no stinky pits, it’s reworn! (sometimes shirts more than two wears, too!) Most of my pants don’t get washed until they’ve been worn at least 4 times, or are starting to stretch a bit. :-)

  7. Stephanie

    I do the same thing, and confession: I DON’T even shower every day ;)

    I would love to see you do fashion posts on a more regular basis! I always think you look adorable! And I love that you buy your clothes at Target and Old Navy. I follow a few fashion blogs that say you should “invest” in quality clothes, which I completely get, but it’s just not the right time in my life for me to do so. No part of me can justify extravagantly pricey clothes when my hubby and I are working so hard to pay off student loan debt. That, plus the fact that my sizes are up and down (& will probably continue to be) with pregnancies, nursing, etc. But I still like to look pulled-together. All that is to say – I think you are a fun, cute mom and would look forward to any pictures or advice you would give :)


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