an update and a glimpse of my crazy

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  1. Christa

    This is so sweet and made me cry. I think I am at a loss to put love in action in some areas of my life. So happy that the stroller is back and hope the sale goes well. What a sweet and beautiful family you have.

  2. Mo

    Glad you got the car back! I would totally be selling it too!
    And those boys are yours, too precious!

  3. Elaine

    OH MY GOSH, his words on LOVE! From the mouths of babes. So sweet. Glad you got your stroller back (well, and the car too but yeah…) xo

  4. Karey

    O my heart! PREACH it, Micah!

    So glad you guys at least got your car back and can sell it! What a surprise!


  5. melissa

    oh allison! i could just eat them up they are so darn cute. and yes yes yes, don’t just talk about love, turn it into action. let it be so in my life!

  6. Michelle

    A very similar situation happened to me. My car was stolen and then “joy ridden” by some teenagers. They did some serious damage, but fortunately the interior and the actual frame escaped damage. I know exactly what you mean by feeling that it is “tainted.” It makes you feel so violated. I’m really sorry that you had to go through that.
    Your boys are so so precious! It’s so wonderful when they start to learn about God’s love at such a young age.


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