in a quiet moment this morning

I am by no means good at having a quiet time everyday. Many days the extent of “me time” I get before 4pm is pressing BREW on the keurig. But eeeeeevery once in a while the boys will be playing quietly in the playroom and I will sneak over to the couch with my Bible and devotional book.

On this particular day, moments after I found a seat on the couch I was bombarded by cute little blonde boys who took my books and proceeded to read them for themselves.

Which was pretty much a spiritual experience of its own sort to watch.

IMAG5891.jpg IMAG5896.jpg IMAG5899.jpg

6 Responses to “in a quiet moment this morning”

  1. Sarah

    I love how sometimes God wants to chat with you through QT and sometimes it is through the love of our little ones. Cute pictures!

  2. Susannah

    Awww… These pictures are precious. You should invite them to “read” picture Bibles while you’re reading you Bible. My little sisters loved doing that when they were young.

  3. Karey

    So sweet! I love ‘Jesus Calling’ – got the child’s version to read with my kids as well. :)

    I was having a difficult time finishing my Bible Study this morning since I was being bombarded with a 5 year old’s gazillion questions (and apparently 7 month old babies need to eat?) but ended up just reading the book of James out loud to my five year old whilst nursing the baby. I’m finding that getting creative is the only option when you’ve got kids. :)


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