let’s get back to it then, shall we?

DanO has gone into work exactly one day since December 19th. In 13 days, one day of “normal”. We have had so much together time and fun family adventures that I could fall backwards overcome with satisfaction at any moment.

We ice skated.

iceskating group shot.jpg

We went sledding. Or, pulling.

boys on sled.jpg

We made whole family trips to zion Target. (OBrother was particularly stoked about this one.)

boys at target.jpg

We dressed up, sang carols, heard Great Grandpa read the Christmas story, and ate Swedish meatballs with extended family.

christmas eve.jpg

LOTS of extended family.

christmas eve group.jpg

(Fun game: can you spot the triplets above? Two boys and a girl. Go!)

We made forts and ate cookies in them.

fort cookies.jpg

(Have you heard of WhoNu cookies? I saw them at the grocery store and they totally got me with their health claims – a serving of the chocolate sandwich cookies has as much fiber as a bowl of oatmeal, as much calcium as a glass of milk, and as much vitamin E as two cups of carrot juice. While I have no plans of replacing oatmeal, milk, or carrots with these puppies, I was pleased to find that the boys were none the wiser and were on cloud nine in their fort eating “oreos”.)

We spent time being silly, wrestling, and playing with some of the Christmas gifts we were blessed with this year.

darth headlamp.jpg

We even sat down and purchased plane tickets for our trip to Disney World this February. (!!!!!!!!!!)

Friends, it has been an unbelievable couple of weeks. But it has also been positively exhausting. This is partially because of our “seize the vacation” mentality, but partially because it just wasn’t our normal, you know? It’s hard to hit a stride when every single day brings something different. There is something so energizing to me about predictability.

Wow, that sounds criminally boring. But it’s true. Well, maybe it’s not the predictability that is energizing, it’s the security I feel in knowing what to expect in regards to the events of the day, because let’s be honest, I never know what to expect from the boys.

The boys and I had gotten into good rhythm of Monday, Wednesday, Friday trips to the YMCA – I had even gotten into a good workout rhythm of running, weight lifting, and spinning class. We have regular Thursday playdates, and Tuesdays we like to mix it up between staying home and grocery shopping.

Today was DanO’s first day back in the office and the first day back to normal for us. We hit the YMCA, went to the grocery store, the boys took epic naps and tonight is date night.  I guess now that I write it out that sounds like a pretty mundane existence but trust me when I tell you it’s never boring.

13 Responses to “let’s get back to it then, shall we?”

  1. Kelster

    Triplets – The boys are flanking Santa. The girl is….immediately behind the guy on Santa’s right?

  2. Carissa

    Lots of fun had and memories made! Are you going to Disney World or Disney Land? Either way it will be fun. Did I see that your broke your tailbone or did I misunderstand your tweet? I sure hope you didn’t because I’ve heard that’s extremely painful.

  3. moriah sunde

    Too funny – we have been contemplating a Disney World trip in February, as well! My parents have a condo in Fort Myers, so Joseph and I are still trying to decide if we want to make it a family trip or just the two of us. Disney World would still happen either way, though. haha

  4. Jackie

    I totally know what you mean about needing a routine…I depend on one with my baby!

  5. Heather Irene @ Rambling Rose

    Hooray for coming to Florida! I live about an hour away and have family who work for “The Mouse.” There’s so much fun stuff to do in Orlando! My husband and I may be going some time in January or February with a friend who also works for Disney. Hoping I won’t be feeling too pregnant by then!

  6. Sidnie

    I’m skimming- the worst way to read blogs. Really, it’s awful.
    Put me in the bad friend list for the moment, if you must- my brain is fried.

    Disney World in February?!
    Please tell me there’s a long, long, LONG layover in Birmingham, Alabama? Atlanta, Georgia?

  7. Jana

    The third triplet has to be the girl in white! She and the boys have the same smiles!


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