listen to your mother. and to Heather.

Hi friends. I have the honor of giving my friend Heather of the EO O My Mike today. I hope you enjoy her lovely words and get excited with me about her announcement!

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O My Allison, remember that one time when we were both blogging and both knew Kelly Love Well and then she was all, Hey, do you know Allison? and then I clicked over here and fell in love with you? (She’s always right.) And then we had that Midwestern blogging gathering together…the one covered in icing…in Wisconsin…in January….so there were both kinds of icing. OBoy was just a wee little OBaby and now look at how much has changed!

Except this: I still read your words and remain grateful that there’s someone out there who is transparent in such a beautiful and tasteful way while also inspiring Mamas of tinies to keep trying. To keep seeing the beauty in the baby stage. To keep doing that…while being honest. The way you love your O Family is inspiring and we’re all better for it.

Just call me Sappy Sapperton. Gush, GUSH…I gush when gushing is due, mkay?

But, the other reason I’m here is because you were kind enough to offer that I could tell your readers about Listen To Your Mother from this O so lovely space. So O! I will! Thank you, Ollison. Oh whoops. ALLISON O.

Dear O Readers! Have you heard about Listen To Your Mother? Did you know that this national series of productions is taking place in 24 cities this year!? Is one of them near you? (follow that link and click on “local shows” at the top of the page.)

Are you in or somewhat near the Twin Cities?!

If so, I wanted to let you know that I’m co-directing Listen To Your Mother Twin Cities with Vikki Reich, and the show’s producers are Tracy Morrison and Galit Breen. We are so excited to bring this national endeavor to the Twin Cities for the first time, giving MOTHER’S DAY the microphone that it deserves through a stage and a microphone, an audience bearing witness and the cast using their voices to tell the motherhood stories.

We are taking written submissions for the cast of Listen To Your Mother now through February 15th! And guess what? You don’t have to be an actor or performer or even consider yourself a writer in the traditional sense. All you need is a story about motherhood or a mother, in some way, and the belief that standing up to tell that story is a part of your journey.

All that to say, we welcome your words, friends. Please tell us your motherhood stories, in writing, and submit them to LTYMtwincities at gmail dot com. (You can also use that email if you have any questions.) (We will be choosing from all the submissions received on or before Feb 15th. The pieces chosen and their writers will move on to auditions!)

You can find out all about Listen To Your Mother’s audition process and much more at www.listentoyourmothershow.com/twincities 

Thank you so much for letting me barge in on Allison and the O Family today. She’ll be back soon, with those beautiful photos and words.

Peace, Heather

P.S. LTYM will take place at the Riverview Theater in Minneapolis on May 9, 2013. You can keep an eye on the LTYM Twin Cities website for ticket details because I know how smart you are. Celebrating Mother’s Day just got a whole lot easier! (Note to yourself: Take Mom to Listen To Your Mother as a Mother’s Day gift!!)

4 Responses to “listen to your mother. and to Heather.”

  1. Heather

    Thank you for having me here, Allison. I really appreciate it so much. I’m glad to know you. I really mean that a lot. Thanks to Kelly :) And now we hang out and give away car seats and write for a A Deeper Family and if/when we get back there I’m going to bother you to hang out a lot.


    • AllisonO

      No, I won’t be submitting because I feel like my hands are beautifully full right now, but I hope to attend!


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