from beyond the grave


We pretty much had a near death experience this weekend. OBrother’s stomach flu arrived on Thursday and by Saturday DanO was the last man keeping his lunch down standing.

There were some scary almost-passing-out-on-the-kitchen-floor moments, and some messy washing-out-the-carseat moments, but mostly there were sweet, tired moments of snuggling. There was pedialite and saltines a plenty, and I spent an inconceivable portion of Saturday asleep.

If you need us today we will be sipping gatorade and praying away any further sickness while we make plans and start to pack for our trip to Disney World this week – our reason to survive.


9 Responses to “from beyond the grave”

  1. Cassandra

    I hope that you guys get better soon! My family is recovering from the same thing and all I’m going to say is it’s a nasty flu. I’m glad you all have DisneyWorld to look forward to.

  2. Christine F

    Ugh! We just had that nasty virus tear though here the week before last. I was in bed for a good day and a half. At least you got it out of the way before your trip; now you can all be healthy for Disney.

  3. Julie James

    Oh the dreaded stomach flu! Read your post and immediately thought of an international plane trip with a four year that I will never forget due to the stomach flu taking a grip on him 2 hours into the flight! 5 hours later and a quarantined inflight rest room…we arrived at our destination very unwell, and very sheepish amongst the other passengers. Took me three years to step on a plane again! Hope you are all feeling better now :-)


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