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Blissdom 2013

My second-ever visit to the state of Texas was a whirlwind. The main purpose of my time in Dallas was the Blissdom Social Media Conference which was held at the gorgeous Gaylord Texan resort. And I mean gorgeous as in restuarants under enormous glass atriums with water fountains. My 4 (FOUR!) days and nights there were filled… Read more »


remembering spring

I heard a bird yesterday. I realize this may not be alarming to many of you, but as I sat in an airport shuttle van with the sliding door open to the warm Dallas air, the chirp smacked me square in the forehead – as sounds do when you hear them for the first time… Read more »


little one, you are so loved.

Little one, I wish you could have seen your oldest brother’s face when we told him about you. “There’s a baby in Mommy’s tummy,” we said. He beamed. His face positively lit up. We had been talking about it as a family for a while. Oboy, who will be four when you meet him, asked… Read more »


sometimes blogging sucks.

Sometimes you just want it to be enough that you got three people out of bed, dressed, fed, and out of the door to the library on a 15° morning and that you didn’t lose your crap on your almost-two-year-old when he swiped an armful of magazines off the rack onto the floor. Sometimes you… Read more »