flipping friday: saturday edition

DanO here. In case y’all are wondering, our house flip is still going on. Amid being in the throws of death, having a family vacation and everything else in life, the house still needs to be fit into our hectic and (certifiably?) crazy lives. While we wait for the weather to warm up (read: Minnesota winter lasts for-EVER), we have been focusing on smaller things on the first floor, like re-doing the bathroom. You know, the one with the pink tub.


The linoleum floor tile had to go, as did the plastic wall tiles and outdated fixtures. We found out the floor had rotted from a leaky toilet, both of which were replaced. After slaving away into the evenings…


We eventually ended up with this!


And yes, the tub is still pink, but not to worry. It will be white soon enough.

9 Responses to “flipping friday: saturday edition”

    • DanO

      Turning the tile definitely enlarges the room and makes a somewhat boring tile look much more interesting!

  1. Laura

    I love the tiling in the shower, and the way the floor tiles are turned looks great! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

    • DanO

      We will put a white enamel coating over the pink. To be honest, we could think of an easy way to get a new tub in there without replacing all the walls.


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