flipping friday: let there be a second story

second story collage

Once upon a time in January, a family bought a house to flip. There was floor plan drawing, there was permit submitting, and that was the first month. There was demolition, there was dust and mess, and that was the second month. There was excavation, there was foundation pouring, and that was the third month. There was roof removal, there was more dust and mess, and that was the fourth month.

Then, going weary in their toils, the family hired a crew to frame out part of the house. The crew arrived, worked quickly, and added the second story in a week, roof trusses and all. The family looked upon the house and said “Behold, it is going to be freaking awesome.”

The end.

(Well, not really the end because there is electrical and plumbing and walls and cabinets and flooring and siding and windows yet to do. Then we can rest.)

More pictures for you. If you squint really hard at the labyrinth of 2x4s you can see three bedrooms and two bathrooms in there. And yes, the entry way is open to the second story and the stairs/balcony will have a gorgeous railing. Amen.

IMG_2197.jpg IMG_2203.jpg IMG_2222.jpg IMG_2227.jpg IMG_2230.jpg

12 Responses to “flipping friday: let there be a second story”

  1. Ashley

    It’s looking great! Nice to see that your tradition of big home improvement project while pregnant is continuing :).

  2. Sidnie

    The green house is beautiful!
    But. Will it stay green?

    Y’all are working so hard. Proud of you!
    Keep going!

  3. Laura June

    You guys aren’t done yet? ;)

    It looks SO AWESOME! You guys are freaking rock stars! Want to come over this week and build my chicken run? Hehe!

  4. Amy

    Hang in there. It will be home before you know it. It’s shaping up beautifully, Allison!


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