in hopeful expectation

I was blessed this weekend by a dear friend who has a gift. Kelly Sauer is a destination wedding and portrait photographer. She is also a visionary. When she asked me what feel I wanted for my maternity photo shoot, I struggled for words. Finally, the best description I could muster came to me:

“I want to feel connected to this baby.”

O, friends. I could have never imagined how beautifully that abstract descriptor could be captured in photographs. Like I told you, she has a gift.


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  1. Teresa Martin

    Wow a gift indeed
    Beautiful photos. You have a gift as well and it appears she will be ready to arrive soon.

  2. Amy Rogers Hays

    Allison! Those are so incredibly beautiful. They capture the peace and texture of your waiting with hope. I know that this little girl is coming to a mother whose love has grown and expanded with loving two boys and is going to fit just right. I hope that you can come back to these images and remember how beautiful God’s provision for you was in this season and how it will continue be for the coming ones. Love, Amy

  3. Kelly Sauer

    Girl, I have been half weeping/half laughing with joy for you since seeing you. There is So. MUCH. going on in your heart right now, and you are full of life with all its amazing, crazy exquisiteness. Meeting this baby is going to be the most powerful, incredible moment of your life. I know it with a knowing that goes so deep. There’s nothing to fear – she is *your* good tidings.

  4. amanda gerig

    That top picture is so beautiful… What a beautiful thing it is to carry another’s life. Your friend is talented for sure, but you are radiant.

  5. Rebecca

    These pictures are so beautifully meaningful and deep. You’re almost glowing with love for your baby! Gorgeous!

  6. Jenna

    Absolutely perfect pictures! I have been absent from your blog for several months now and you popped into my head today. Thought I’d come back to visit. So glad I did! Blessings on the rest of your pregnancy!

  7. Drea

    Wow stunning photographs! You look divinely beautiful :)
    I have a passion for pregnancy, I think all women should honor this miraculous time in their lives.


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