just cooking along.

{This picture is from last weekend at 37 weeks. I am 38 weeks 1 day today. I’d get up and take another one, were it not for the whole “get up” part.}

Raise your hand if you are checking back here mostly to see if I’ve gone into labor yet. Be honest.

Birth is so tricky, isn’t it? Even the third time around I am trying, trying, trying to tell myself that I could be hanging out here until after my due date. Inquiring minds: OBoy was born the morning OF his estimated due date, and OBrother arrived in the morning two days before his. So many things about this pregnancy have been different than my pregnancies with the boys that I am actively trying to convince myself not to expect a similar arrival time line. (This is where everyone tells me that their third child was their longest pregnancy. Seriously, I’ve heard that from no fewer than 5 people this month.)

The good news is I am not as physically uncomfortable as I was at this stage with both boys. With OBoy I was working a cubicle-bound 9-5 job and O, my swollen feet. O, my poor, poor feet. I gained a half a shoe size from that pregnancy and I have never lost it. With OBrother I started at a much higher and much less healthy weight and my whole body ached. I was ding. dang. done. by the time I was full term with him. The prodromal labor didn’t help me mentally much, either.

You’d think that by the third time one experiences pregnancy and awaits birth that one would have developed a much more accepting, surrendered attitude about it. I can’t control it, I can’t know when it will happen, so I will just be content to wait.

Yea, tell that to my recent google search, “average length of third gestation”.

I learned nothing, by the way. No magic Baby Center chat board fairy jumped out of my computer and declared the date on which my labor would commence, but I did lose about 45 minutes of my life. (Hey. 45 minutes closer to labor!) One thing I have learned from past pregnancies: Do not, under any circumstances, regardless of your level of curiosity, do a google images search of “mucus plug”. Sweet baby Moses, just don’t do it.

27 Responses to “just cooking along.”

  1. Stephanie

    I’m so happy I decided to finish my sandwich before googling “mucus plug”. Also, I’m super happy I found your blog! I’ll be a FTM (due May 2014!) and reading your posts has made me feel a lot more at ease because hubby and I have absolutely no idea what we’re doing :) Looking forward to reading more from you and your adorable family soon!

  2. MamaBear

    I giggled when I read the part about the mucus plug. I had managed to get those Google images out of my head over the past two years since I made that mistake. Yes. Every pregnancy is different – hence the need to Google four days before my due date with Elsa. I was expecting to go late again. I’ve been absent from Twitter and blogs this summer, but thought of you tonight and had to check up on you :) wishing you all the best!

  3. Kim

    My 3rd came in shorter than my 1st. My 2nd was only 2 hours, so I WAS afraid of not getting to the hospital. The greatest thing about 3rd labor? You KNOW what is happening. It’s all familiar & so wonderful.

  4. Rin

    Haha too late! I did search that search and O My do I agree.
    Hang in there. She’ll be here before you know it. Looking forward to “meeting” her.

  5. Jenny

    Just want to say you look amazing for 38 weeks WHILE chasing around two small boys.
    Hang in there!

  6. Annie

    You do look amazing. My recommendation for attempting to be content with hitting or going past a due date….plan something fun to do on your due date. My first was 1 week early, my 2nd was 3 weeks early, my 3rd…..4 days late! But my hubby and I enjoyed a date dinner together on the due date. Many blessings being sent your way!

  7. William Wang

    Haha! can’t imagine you’re 38 weeks. You look so lovely My sister is going to have her new baby two months later, and your article is quite helpful to her.

  8. Kelly G in ATX

    LOL, I’m sure at this point you’ve had your sweet bundle now, but I’m right there with you; I’m sitting at 38.5 weeks waiting for my little to make his entrance. And too late, I googled mucus plug a couple of weeks ago…yeah, it’s not pretty. Found you through your DIY baby legs post and I love your blog! Can’t wait to see your further adventures during maternity leave and beyond!

  9. Korie Snyder

    Just stopping by to see if your sweet little girl has made her appearance yet :) And hoping the third child being the longest pregnancy isn’t true (for you and for me)

  10. Korie

    Congratulations on Miriam! Glad the birth was quick once she decided to arrive (and so glad you didn’t have to be induced!)…hope my 3rd comes as quickly :) Enjoy your three beautiful blessings!

  11. Kayla Bartikoski

    AHHHHH so glad to hear about Miriam ! I hope the bundle of joy is doing well and hopefully I can meet her sometime. Congrats on making it through , you are a wonderful mom with an adorable family.

  12. Daniela

    Hi there Allison missing your posts, sending prayers for you and the baby hope you are both doing very well and that mommy and baby is healthy.

  13. Jenny

    Yes! Please come back! I know life with 3 very small kids keeps you (very) busy but the internet is a darker place without your voice!


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