writing and packing.

You know how sometimes you’re sitting with a friend who is newer to blogging and her excitement is palpable? And how sometimes that makes you realize what a bear it has all become to you? And sometimes you just want to go back and make it fun again? You want to forget what people say about pinnable graphics and the rise of the Expert Blog niche and you want a cute picture and a few take away words to be Good Enough again? Or you want to do a heart dump onto your keyboard and be brave enough to post it even though its not as poetic or as neatly bow-wrapped as you’d hoped? And how this whole conversation happens five days before you are getting on a plane for a writing retreat that you kind of feel like a fraud for attending because you don’t even write much anymore?

Yea. That.

So anyway, hi friends. Here’s my heart-dump for today. I leave tomorrow to spend the long weekend with some of my most treasured sisters at what started as a writing retreat but has turned into something of a soul-detox trip, too. Who knows, maybe I’ll feel a fresh wind blow over my writing, but mostly I plan on just soaking up the beautiful women there.


some of the group at last year’s retreat, picture by Kelly Sauer Ltd.

It will be amazing and I have been looking forward to it for months and months, but can I tell you that I all but unpacked my bag yesterday when OBoy looked at me with the biggest, saddest eyes and said “I won’t be able to hug and kiss the baby before bed if you leave!” Baby and I are going anyway, but O, my heart.

And who am I kidding? I haven’t packed my bag yet. That’s what 12:30am tonight is for.

5 Responses to “writing and packing.”

  1. Jen

    As a (mostly) reader of blogs, I for one, miss the days when posts weren’t about pinnable graphics and always trying to make a Grand Statement About Life. I miss the heart-dumps. For what it’s worth. Carry on, lady. <3

  2. Kacia

    Have the absolute BEST time. Please group hug from me — y’all are all people I love dearly and look up to.

    I so badly would love that new, fresh, and exciting outlook on blogging again. whoosh.

    sure hope I can hug you in real life soon!



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