so I had a baby

Sometimes when you inadvertently don’t blog for a month, a month which involves giving birth, it’s hard to think of a way to come back to it. Like, do I have to write the birth story first and open with that? Or some sort of wow-factor post? What if I haven’t even uploaded the DSLR pictures from the hospital onto my computer yet? Shouldn’t I include those in the post?

But then you decide to just sneak away with your laptop for 5 whole minutes to write a few words, grab an instagram picture of your sweet new daughter, post it and call it good. See also: third child.

Meet Miriam Denice Olfelt

Born October 22, 10:21pm

6lbs 14oz, 19 1/2 inches

I have the birth story 2/3rds written and I cross my heart that I will share it, life and schedule permitting.

Spoiler alert: accidental bathtub birth.

16 Responses to “so I had a baby”

  1. Tiffany @MomNom

    She’s just beautiful! I love her name. Also? ACCIDENTAL BATHTUB BIRTH?! I feel like you may need to email me PRONTO.

  2. Karey

    I’ve been checking for an update lately (although completely understand you being MIA – *mother of four here*) I’m just so excited for you guys! Love her sweet name and that picture – oh how my {recently retired} uterus hurts at the sight of newborn pictures!


  3. Tasha R.

    Can’t wait to read her birth story! I had an accidental bathtub birth myself. 1st (and so far only) child born two weeks early with just a couple if hours of labor. We thought we had plenty if time before she would arrive.

  4. Heather

    I’ve been thinking of you loads and bunches. Three makes a topsy turvy sort of number that is so beautiful and so frantic and so much of so many things. I love you people. Love her name. Take your time…xoxo

  5. Sarah

    Yay! You’re back!! I’m been very interested in your/her birth story ever since I saw on ig that you had a waterbirth. I always thought tubs might make a not relaxing situation *somewhat* more manageable for me so I’m glad my hospital has some. But really, as long as he/she isn’t born in the car. ;)

  6. Charlotte

    I’ve been anxiously waiting to hear how things went with the birth! So happy you are doing well!!

  7. Annie

    CONGRATULATIONS! My experience so far as a mother to three: I’ve noticed myself saying “That is so not like me!” in many situations – like losing something, missing a scheduled something, double booking our schedule, etc…. It dawned on me that I have been saying that since my third child was born (1 1/2 years ago!). So now I have a new expression, “This is the new me!” :)

  8. Leah

    i LOVE this. it’s an absolutely perfect way to bring baby into the blogosphere! love her, love you…love this.


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