don’t look now, but I’m shrinking

I have big thoughts about the idea of getting one’s “body back” after having a baby. The conversation that surrounds post-baby-bodies frames it as though nothing but damage occurs during pregnancy and birth; that it is solely something from which to recover. It’s reminiscent of getting in a car accident and taking your vehicle into the body shop: a damage and repair equation.

If that doesn’t short-change the empowering experience of pregnancy and birth, I don’t know what does. It wasn’t until I gave birth to my oldest that I truly realized just how much my body is capable of doing. My birth experience was what made me ask the question: If it can do THAT, what else can my body do that I don’t think it can?

8 miler crop

So I began running. Not to recover my body from damage, but to discover my body’s potential. That girl up there? She just finished running 8 miles on a treadmill and is kinda giddy about that accomplishment. I began to see that having a healthy, strong, and fit body was not only within my ability, it was such a gift to myself and my family. This wasn’t at all like going to the auto body shop, wincing at the estimate and begrudgingly forking over a couple grand in order to take care of the damage. After each workout I felt good. After starting Medifast and watching the pounds fall off I felt good. After finishing each half marathon I felt amazing (and sore). It was all good, not just the result. Learning portion control. Breaking through the proverbial running wall. Having mental space to think. This isn’t to say that there weren’t times that I wanted to eat my way to the bottom of a brownie pan, or times that I would have rather stayed home in my jammies than go to weight lifting class. I was careful not to say “It was all easy”, but I did say that it was all good.

I am eager to keep those benefits coming, to keep discovering (and being surprised by) my own abilities, but I am not going to treat any fitness journey I am on as ‘fixing my damaged body’.

Thanks for listening to my preamble. Now I can get to the real thing I wanted to share:

I have started following the Medifast Nursing Mothers Plan and have lost 20lbs since New Years. 

To be honest, I’m feeling a little sheepish about the actual numbers, but well, I guess I’ll just out with it. Last time I started my weight loss with Medifast at 187lbs. This time I started at 202lbs. To be fair to myself, I was much more recently postpartum than I was last time; OBrother was 7 months old when I began the Nursing Mother’s Plan and ODear was 2 months old. Also, strangely, I feel like I look better than I did at the start of my journey last time. This could be because I have more muscle mass under all that extra padding, I’m not sure. I did continue to run a few miles a week until I was 36 weeks pregnant, so maybe?

On the Medifast Nursing Mother’s Plan I can eat unlimited fruits and veggies and am never ever hungry. Here is a pdf of the plan.  I also  know that my milk supply is doing well; I was happily surprised by the amount I got in an evening pumping session last week. I am so excited to be back on this journey with Medifast not to ‘repair’ my body but to challenge it further, and I’m glad to have you along for the ride!

My Journey to Health:

March 3, 2014: 182lbs

February 28, 2014: 183bs

January 30, 2014: 192lbs

December 30, 2013: 202 lbs

20 lbs lost!

:: :: :: :: :: ::

How am I losing that weight, you ask? Medifast!!

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And, obvs: consult your physician before beginning a weight-loss program.

17 Responses to “don’t look now, but I’m shrinking”

  1. Samantha

    I’m really proud of you!! Losing weight and especially exercising like you are is tough work, and it is inspiring to me what you are doing so shortly after adding a third little one.

    On the “body back” post baby thing… I don’t think many people do – even if you get to a lower weight or smaller size, there is still evidence there forever. A goal I prefer is feeling strong and confident in your skin after baby.

  2. molly

    This is so great. I mean, you sound really happy about what you’re doing instead of just – ugh, I have to work out. I want to feel like that too. Now that I had a epi-free birth I pretty much know that any other pain my body is in doesn’t even come close to what my body did the day I gave birth to my daughter. I can push myself. I’m so ready to get the go ahead from my OB so I can get started on my fitness journey. This is not about being skinny or having a perfect body. This is about me becoming strong!

  3. Sara Miles

    WOW! congrats on all the progress, Allison! I know it’s such hard work! Thanks for sharing and being so inspiring to all of us who are also trying to lose the baby weight!

  4. abby

    my friend Allison is AMAZING. do you know her? look in the mirror at that mother-running BEAST! i can’t wait to race with you again!

  5. Karey

    You got this, girl. You’ve been inspiring us getting-fit-Mamas for a few years now and I love your attitude about the whole thing! When my last baby (our fourth) was 6 weeks old I stepped on the scale to see that I had lost ZERO pounds from the day he was born (I was 196 lbs then). NONE. So I cried for a half hour and then decided to *do something*. I exercise. I track what I eat. Some days I RUN like it’s the only way to heaven. I’m enjoying my life and not living for the scale anymore. That being said, I’m under 140 lbs. now (a weight/fitness level I never would have thought I’d see! EVER.). My baby (toddler ::tears::) is almost 2 and I feel healthier than ever. Our bodies CAN do amazing things! You rock. Can’t wait to continue on this journey and watch while you do, too!

    Thanks for being so inspiring!


  6. Jessica

    So impressed – when I start having kids, I am going to start reading your blog all over again back-to-front for inspiration and encouragement :) Keep up the great, healthy, work!

  7. Jamie

    I’ve been a silent follower for about a year. Am one week postpartum with my first baby and have had difficulties getting my son to latch in a way that is not painful to me. We’ve made huge progress in the last day, but it’s moms like you who nurse wherever they can that make me push through and try to make nursing an enjoyable experience for both of us. Keep it up Allison! You rock!

  8. Hollie

    AMEN!! To your preamble! This is exactly how I feel too! In awe of what my body has accomplished and excited and inspired to see what it’s still capable of! You have always been such a inspiration to me and I love how openly you share about your weight loss journey. The victories and then struggles! Keep “gettin’ it girl!!” Next time you come out to Oregon, let’s run a 5k together and become friends IRL :) (I’m @minimillermama on Instagram and always love your comments!)

  9. Esther Plaster

    oh mama!! i am so proud of you!! i started reading your blog last spring (it was part of my inspiration!!!!) and played around with Medifast for 2 months, then gave up. well i am happy to announce that i have lost alost 50 lbs since i went whole-heartedly on the Medifast plan in October 2013. I have 7 more lbs to get back to my pre-wedding, pre-4 kids in 5 years, pre-military moves for 11 years!!! i feel so amazing. i am almost to a healthy BMI, which was my goal in the beginning. not a size, but truly a healthy spot for me being 36 and a little over 5 foot. i never want to go back. i never will. now i am slowly adding working out. i am also reading lots of books, anticipating my maintenance. The Four Hour Body by Timothy Ferris, Naturally Thin by Bethenny Frankel, French Women Don’t Get Fat by Mireille Guiliano, and Trim Healthy Mama by Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett. so thank you for sharing your journey because it is part of my journey!!!

  10. Megan

    You are looking fabulous! It is HARD WORK getting back into shape, especially after having a baby. Good for you! Do you like Medifast? I’m looking into starting a weightloss plan (again.).

  11. Jenna

    I so appreciate your reframing of the typical “needing to get your body back/fixing a damaged body” to “discovering your body’s potential” post baby. I love this and find this so refreshing. I so need that self-kindness and healthy and positive thinking. This has been so helpful to me right now as I’m struggling to lose my baby weight (from my 2nd baby 3 years ago…)
    I love reading your blog. So glad you are back to posting regularly!


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