family of five – portraits by Leah Fontaine Photography

Four and a half months ago I managed to get our whole family bathed and dressed and in front of the immensely talented Leah Fontaine‘s camera.

Unfortunately, I was not able to tame the 2 year old’s cowlick.


Please forgive the third-of-a-year delay on the sharing of these photos here on the blog. Frankly if it’s not crying, hitting its sibling, or pulling on my pant leg, it’s not getting my attention any time soon.


Not that anyone ever hits their sibling around here.

Just kisses.


And hugs. And maybe the occasional tickle-fight-turned-wrestling-match.


But I digress. Ms. Leah our photographer was so great with the boys. So great with gently reminding me to keep my chin(s) at a good angle. So great at handling and capturing our crazy in a beautiful way.


For the weeks leading up to family photos I am a worrier. I spend my time thinking about all of the reasons the pictures will not turn out. My postpartum body, the boys’ chaos, my uncooperative toddler, baby schedules or lack thereof, on and on.

But look! Look at the magic she worked with said uncooperative toddler!


And while my boys were pulling down her wall decor in the background, she was unfazed and captured this treasure:


I am just so impressed by what Leah was able to capture despite the hand we dealt her.


As we were wrapping up, she was daring enough to try a costume change for ODear to snap a few newborn-esque photos of her and I eternally grateful she did.


It was four and a half months ago already, and while it seems like that time has flown by, I’m sure that years from now I will look at these precious photos and feel that way all the more.


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Leah Fontaine is a wedding and portrait photographer based in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. She handled our crazy because she has thee (soon to be four!) hooligans of her own and I cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone looking to capture this moment in their family’s timeline. For fun, inspiring, and beautiful glimpses of her day to day life, follow her on instagram, @leahfontaine.

12 Responses to “family of five – portraits by Leah Fontaine Photography”

  1. leah

    And when I said I needed that smile, well I guess I needed those few tears as well. I’m so glad we were able to finally meet. I enjoyed your family immensely and am just as blessed to hear you were blessed by the photos!

  2. Annie

    Your family is beautiful – these photos capture your personalities (from what I’ve read on your blog ;)
    Love the coordinating outfits, especially that ODear is in Red instead of the typical Pink. Stunning.
    I also have three children (boy, girl, boy) with the youngest nearly 2 (time flies!!). Life is BUSY and I’m constantly OVERSTIMULATED and wonderfully BLESSED.
    Love the realness of you that you share on this blog.

  3. Snuggwugg

    Such amazing shots :) You’re family is so super cute! We have one 3 year old daughter and wondering about a second. Still wondering.

  4. Ellissa

    Your family is precious. Y’all are simply beautiful. I just happened to stumble across your blog and am already totally in love with you and your family. Your darling blonde boys are killing me and your sweet baby girl with those beautiful eyes. Simply precious. God Bless.
    Love Ellissa (for the Baird Bunch) http://www.ohhappyheights.com

  5. Tim Bryant

    Love these photos. I am a photographer as well and I love when a family chooses to capture moments instead of poses. You will love these photos forever!


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