hey, whatever happened to that flip house?

O, hi there. Been since July, has it? Well, I’ve been known to let some spinning plates drop before.

If anyone is still out there (hello? … ello… ello… ello…) who has been around for any period of time, you may know that in the beginning of 2013 DanO, his parents, and I took on an investment property we called a ‘flip house’. We actually timed ODear’s pregnancy around it, thinking that the house would be on the market the summer of 2013 and that we would be footloose and fancy free by that fall/winter to bring a baby into the world. Ha. Hahahaha.

So the ‘flip’ house became more of a ‘hobby’ house because somewhere around the time that we ripped off the entire roof, we realized there was nothing flip about it. It’s fitting, though, because if there is one thing I have learned about this amazing family I married into, it’s that we don’t do anything part-way. We’re going to take a crappy house and fix it up to sell it? Well, then we’re going to freaking fix it up and sell it. We’re not going to paint over that questionable sheetrock and call it a day. We’re going to rip that crap out and start over. We’re not going to leave an awkward wall where it lay. No, we’re going to rough draft the daylights out of that floor plan until it makes sense for families from 2-8 people and uses every square inch of the footprint to it’s highest efficiency.

And that’s what happened. Only, another angle on the story is that when ODear joined our ranks in October of 2013, we were sort of treading water here at O My Family and as much as we hated to do it, we really dialed back the amount of work we were doing at the hobby house. My tireless in-laws labored on and with only spotty assistance from DanO and I, finished the house over the last year. You hear that? It’s done.

If you want a better idea of the before condition of the house, you can see all of the posts I have done about the house here, but here’s a quick refresher

second story collage

And… wait for it…


As of today the house is officially on the market in Maplewood, Minnesota. 4 bedroom, 3 bath and y’all. The kitchen.


And the entryway.


And the… the everything.

Belmont entry belmont master

My in-laws did an absolutely incredible job finishing the house with such attention to detail and quality. Anyone in the market? Here’s the full listing.

before after belmont



26 Responses to “hey, whatever happened to that flip house?”

  1. Charlotte

    Wow Allison it’s so beautiful!!! I have been following your blog for about four years now and I remember when you started this project! I was actually just wondering about it the other week!! I am so impressed and I hope it sells really quick!!! Ps I live in Wheaton and sometimes when I drive by the college I think of you. Also whenever I meet people that went to Wheaton college I ask if they know you guys! One time someone actually said yes and then asked how I knew you and I felt like a huge weirdo explaining that I just stalk your blog (aka I’m just a friend you haven’t met yet) haha.

    • Janelle

      It’s ok, Charlotte. We have some mutual friends and I had this same convo with her in person. “Hi, you don’t know me but I read your blog and knew you’d be here so I stalked you. CAN WE BE FRIENDS?!”

  2. Gretchen

    It’s divine! Like, 100% beautiful and perfect and you know this outcome requires a new flip/hobby house? It’s in your blood :)

  3. Ashley

    Wow, amazing job! Thanks for the update, I’ve been reading your blog for about 4 years now and think of you and your cute little family every so often. I was excited to see a new post from you in my reader today :).

  4. Dawn S

    If the Hubbs had a tenure-track job rather than visiting at Carleton and was willing to commute rather than live ON campus (seriously… ugh), we’d SO snatch that up! Gorgeous inside and out and so family-functional-friendly! Great work, O-family!

  5. Laura P

    Oh my word. I love it. The kitchen is fantastic and those wood floors are gorgeous. Great job O Family.

  6. Gloria

    O my it’s SO BEAUTIFUL! Wonderful job O family. I wish my husband and I knew even a fraction about fixing up houses. We’re looking for a home big enough for the two of us and to host international students that we serve. And since we are in ministry it would have to be at a reasonable price. I so wish you lived closer. That way we would get you to help us flip our ideal ministry home.

  7. Rachel B.

    That. Looks. INCREDIBLE. Seriously tremendous work on that house! I DIE at the exterior color scheme. The inside looks so light and airy. I would buy the crap out of that house!

  8. Shaina

    This house looks amazing. Great accomplishment! I absolutely LOVE the kitchen. Congrats to you and your family. I just started a blog as well. Please stop by and leave a comment if you’d like.


  9. Elizabeth

    WOW! what an amazing job. The house looks beautiful, I can inly imagine all the hard work that went into it. I only wish I lived closer so I could take it off your hands. Even though the house was a long endured project, it must feel good to have it off of your plate now. Good luck selling I hope it all goes well.

  10. Julie

    I’m taken back by the amazing detail and how beautiful the “after” version is! Awesome :) Thanks for sharing.


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