about me


O hi there, I’m Allison, resident recorder of things at this O house! Our Minnesota home is full to the brim with my renovation-addicted husband, two precious tow-headed boys (3&5), one sweet as can be baby girl, and, O yes, me – keeping it real and real messy for you here on the interwebs.

A child of Oregon, I’ve only discovered my true hippy self as an adult and I can’t seem to let her go (thus the Birkenstock sandals and strange fascination with reusable grocery bags). In the last half decade: I met and married DanO, moved from Chicago to Minnesota, bought and began the endless renovation of our home, and found myself pregnant, nursing, or BOTH without a break for well over 5 of those years. Despite moving far from my hometown, I managed to get our family involved in the twisted web of cloth diapering, immunization delaying, natural cleaning, breastfeeding advocacy, canning, babywearing, natural childbirth, and generally pretending to be the hippies we thought we’d never be.

Blogging on O My Family has taken me from Salt Lake City, Utah as a conference speaker, to Chilaw, Sri Lanka as a witness to the humanitarian work of World Vision – and to many virtual destinations in between. I have been blessed through this space and the community of friends and readers I have met far more than I could have ever imagined when I clicked the “Create New Blog” button 7 years ago.

In my twelve seconds of free time I enjoy, in no certain order: running, knitting, getting down on the kids’ level to play, talking too much, coffee, and shedding baby weight.

I do all of these things – from blogging to breastfeeding – because they work for me and for my family, and O, how I love my family.