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DIY baby legs

It’s crawling boot camp around here. We haven’t quite figured out the forward motion thing, but boy are we trying hard. Watching my little one army crawl his way around our living room has made me want to keep those edible little knees protected but still dress him in less restrictive clothes. Baby leg warmers… Read more »



I decided to be honest with my own fashion stupidity in this post, and you, my friends, totally came through. You collectively picked chocolate brown in a landslide, which, if I may give myself a little credit, is what I would have picked if left to my own devices. But thankfully I was not, because… Read more »


best pics of 2009

In the spirit of new years, and because everybody’s doing it, I wanted to wrap up 2009 O My Photos style. Some things I’ve noticed compiling these pictures: Holy guacamole I take a lot of pictures. I scanned through 360 pictures and set out to pick the best 10. Instead, here are the best 37…. Read more »


apple butter

(To the tune of the Peanut butter and jelly song, you know, the Barney one.) Apple, apple butter (it’s yummy!). Apple, apple butter (it’s yummy!). First you take the apples and you cut ‘em, you cut ‘em. First you take the apples and you cut ‘em, you cut ‘em. Apple, apple butter (it’s yummy!). Apple,… Read more »