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a hot and steamy recipe

The dishes were clean and put away. I had started the load of cloth diapers in he wash. Micah was sound asleep in his crib. We had time just to ourselves. We hugged each other with both free arms. We slow danced to imaginary music in the living room. Then DanO led me to the… Read more »


a concise not me monday

A confessional of things you could not have caught me doing last week. And if you could have caught me doing them, I certainly wouldn’t tell anyone about them. That would be silly, and I would leave that kind of self-humiliation to the professional bloggers, like MckMama. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I definitely did not sleep for 12… Read more »


summer jams

While DanO and I sit here on this beautiful summer evening, him watching the History Channel and the educational programming thereof, me feeling the stabs, jabs and pokes of Nugget, it feels like a good setting for some candor: I paid way too much for something in order to feel good about myself. No, not… Read more »


best ever tuna casserole

“That’s the best tuna casserole I’ve ever had!” -DanO No, seriously, he said that last night after trying the recipe I tweaked a bit from the one in my Betty Crocker cookbook. It brought tears to my eyes. Here’s the recipe the way I made it!* *blanket statements of amazingness from spouse not included. Ingredients:… Read more »