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nugget’s nature inspired nursery

This nursery thing is totally on. After a contact paper ordeal like you would not believe (3 stores not carrying any, Walmart not carrying any that belongs in my house, and an¬† “I’m sorry, it seems that our inventory database is down” at Target all led to me almost but not completely having a pregnancy… Read more »


craftiness is next to godliness

I want to quilt. And not a crappy school-project quilt like I made last spring for class, even though it totally rocked as a way to earn an A in western literature. I want to make and decorate cakes that look professional. This could come in handy for friends’ weddings and showers, and also for… Read more »


a bleu ribbon weekend

Weekend Low: 28¬∞ and Pearl’s persistent limp in her back leg. We can’t figure out if it’s the muscle or what. Poor puppy. Weekend High: 61¬∞ and enjoying Dan-o’s marvelous BBQ concoction in our backyard with friends on a sunny 61¬∞ day. We’ve all heard of the sympathy weight phenomenon, and I think I’ve isolated… Read more »


chai, cheaper

I am a sucker for all things Oregon. In Costco last week: “OH! Tillamook cheese! I’ve been there!” At the mention of the movie Mr. Holland’s Opus: “Did you know that was filmed at Grant High School in Portland?” To the obnoxious lady in the grocery check-out line who just called it “Or-i-GONE” on her… Read more »