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the ‘are you guys done?’ question

Three babies. Four years. It’s been quite the streak. We have always wanted a family. Our senior year of college (for which we were married) I used to joke with DanO about dropping out and just making babies. Mostly joking. Sorta not joking. Not really joking. We were quite pregnant on our second anniversary and… Read more »


family of five – portraits by Leah Fontaine Photography

Four and a half months ago I managed to get our whole family bathed and dressed and in front of the immensely talented Leah Fontaine‘s camera. Unfortunately, I was not able to tame the 2 year old’s cowlick. Please forgive the third-of-a-year delay on the sharing of these photos here on the blog. Frankly if… Read more »


raising my ebenezer

Before the arrival of each baby I have gone into a season of mourning. Great upheaval justifies such. From newlyweds to never-alones. From party-of-three to a de-throned first-born. From ‘the boys’ to a practical herd of babies. Each time we lost what we¬†had. Each time I cried a lot about that loss. Each time I… Read more »