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tulips and tanks

366 days ago (thanks, leap year) Daniel Hoyt Olfelt and I officially started our new life together. Since that day we have been working to find things we both equally enjoy: movies, meals, TV shows, activities, dates, restaurants… Yesterday, as we were celebrating our first anniversary, I think we finally found that illusive equally enjoyable… Read more »


Dan Dan the professional man

My laundry doin’, furniture makin’, computer fixin’, sci-fi lovin’ husband has a real world post-college job! I couldn’t be prouder! The only problem comes when people ask me what his job is. I get that same look on my face that I used to have when people asked me growing up what my dad did…… Read more »


my hatred of laundry

I love to cook, sew, mop, dust, bake, organize, and sweep. I don’t mind vacuuming, doing the dishes, scrubbing, sweeping, or taking out the trash. I hate doing the laundry. I’m not kidding. You may think I’m kidding, and if so I am honored that you would consider me so domestic as to be incapable… Read more »


in the year 2068

Lately I’ve found myself thinking “I am so old.” I’ll be a college graduate in mere days, I know every word to the songs that come on in the “90’s hour” on the radio, which makes my high school co-workers (see last post) look at me like “how bizarre, how bizarre…”. My knees hurt when… Read more »