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and then she was like…

The reason of the week that I’m glad I’m not in high school: Not having to care when peers arbitrarily don’t like me. I’m just gunna put it out there – I have a minimum wage, part-time job. It’s kind of my guilty pleasure, my “do something lame and menial before I spend the rest… Read more »


date night

I wanted to share about the romantic evening that Dan and I had together last night. So that you can accurately picture it, you should know that Dan was sporting jeans and a sweatshirt, while I had donned the logo-embroidered tee-shirt from my part time job, slightly sticky with fruit juice. It was really classy…. Read more »


a few of pearl’s favorite things

I figured since I’m always talking about my own and my husband’s antics on here, I should probably give a little lime light to the family pet. Her name is Pearl, she weighs 5.5 pounds, and she is a mix of a Poodle and a Maltese. Enough words though, here’s a day in the life… Read more »


dancing in a strobe light

I kept telling myself that when the weather warmed up I would start running again, but, then I remembered that I live in the Midwest. So, I finally stopped kidding myself and in the last few weeks, Mr. Treadmill and I have become pretty good friends. However, I’ve noticed this psychological hurdle that I have… Read more »