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the iniquity of us all

I have been part of the drama ministry at our church for about a year now, and it usually involves taking on a character, either contemporary or biblical (Mary at Christmastime) and acting out a scene or sketch that relates to the sermon. The Good Friday service tomorrow is different, and it will be difficult…. Read more »


minnesota. nice.

Well folks, it’s official. Dan and I will be returning to his motherland after graduation this spring. No not Sweden. The closely related cousin, Minnesota. For those of you west of the Mississippi River, there are some very interesting things to know about Minnesota, doncha know. For example, the following Minnesotan phrases are not in… Read more »


radio re-runs

In my experience with radio stations, (i.e. in high school, when the ipod was just a twinkle in Steve Jobs’ eye) I had one primary complaint: they play far too many commercials. The radio is on in the background at work, and based on my more recent experience, I would officially like to retract the… Read more »


flood waters

Dan and I have had flooding/water damage five, count them, five times since we moved into this apartment 10 months ago. That means that about every two months our floor looks like this: like it did this morning. At 7:44 this morning (per the microwave clock), I was walking to the cupboard to get a… Read more »